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Oh okay well all right so we're just going to whip up a sauce real quick what exactly you can't do that you can on a scale one to ten how angry were you here's what happened go ahead hotpot is ending and you know me well so well let me explain you what happened next because i was at an eight there was in the shower and i hadn't yet erupted i was at an eight so i opened up the fridge to see what's in there if there's a frigging jar of ragu from one thousand nine hundred seventy four autographed by fran tarkenton and there's you know so i opened up the fridge ac and i'm scoping in the back that's when my elbow comes in contact with the brand new pike the blueberries that just picked up at publix and those blueberries oh they take a mighty fall from three stories up and decide half of them are gonna scatter all over the floor now i don't know if you a love blueberries as much as i and be no the mess that blueberries make when they hit the floor it's substantial so i got that going on and at that point in time because i heard that the shower water i let loose a mother effort like you wouldn't have believed my my neighbors had to hear this for the berries over the whole thing seth i didn't have the right sauce it's daddy makes dinner night and i don't have the sauce to make his favourite damn meal plus he got straight he's on his report card yesterday so he certainly deserves his favourite damn meal and here i am as a dad who has led him down tremendously and and i and i said i wasn't he said that was amazing melted inside and i say fu blueberries i it was worth killing everyone you might and then i took the rest of the blues from the fridge i said show that you see that raspberries you make a run for it that's what happens.

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