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Astronaut movie at astra and Sylvester Stallone's allegedly final Rambo movie both opened at ninety million dollars let's take a look at a crash on the ninety one it's in Anaheim hills ninety one westbound before he gets imperial highway working on this one on the right shoulder headed in the right lane for a bit so you're driving is pretty much a struggle from the fifteen KFI in the sky is sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff bomb more about the one thirty four massive delays are going to start with the alternative alternate to leave has to be in and out to the west and the Glendale you definitely why use Colorado or your state or your favorite street but that was about one thirty four just passed to do it the hard drive on right it's a terrible crash been working for a good forty five minutes now and still is I think you were doing all that stuff but it's right now only only the two right lanes are open that would change a little bit earlier was the south to transition to the west one thirty four that was shut down for a brief period that's been re opened so not a problem very difficult getting on the west one thirty four at harbor you might want to go over to Glendale Avenue your branch that for any of those to get on but the backup so almost into Pasadena long time delay their entered in an accident this is super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff bar KFI and this guy is a crash in Carson on the four oh five north of Alameda I just got this one in the left lane so your drive already affected at Santa Fe KFI this guy helps get you there faster I'm robbing banks. NFL week three saw the rams improve to three and after defeating the Cleveland Browns twenty to thirteen the Chargers drop.

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