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Plus, I think, you know, I don't think we put enough stock into the fact that he also had a rookie center that did him no favors as well. And and that just sped up a little bit of of the mistakes being highlighted a little bit because you know he was under He was under duress a time. If you want to. You want to get him under the rest put two people in the age gaps one on each side of the center. And the play is probably going to fail. Cushion Very last year, we saw that it started the Atlanta game. Everybody kept sugar and the egg gaps there. We saw that and taking advantage of cushion. Barry you saw Drew getting the centre pushed back in his lap, so they do have some growing up there to do on the offensive line. Yes, are they married to cushion Berry at center? The rest of the training camp, or is there a real competition there? It is a real competition there. And, in fact, Kush yesterday the loan. We didn't have a fight, but it was kind of a skirmish. Their loan bit of chip Penis came when McKelvin the game and Lloyd cushion. Barry got into a little bit and half after a game kind of pushed him around a little. And Gerrit Cole's jumped in there to defend his guy, But that was that was the lone skirmish. We had mini camp. Well, I'm seeing. I'm glad to see Darabos hasn't changed because that's just that's the role he always plays. Well. So, Ben now is this a little time off for you? As well. You're going on summer vacation, And is there something I need to know? And now, unfortunately, know that right now, I may take the fourth of July weekend off that this is the time where I kind of put my ear to the ground and, you know, look for all these little deals are about to get done as teams get ready to head into camp and trans sniff out the latest rumors. So are old friends. Avanti. Busby just went inside with the Raiders today, so we'll housecleaning there. Let me ask you this. When is the first day of training camp 2021. I don't have a calendar in front of me. I'll get that answer for you, though. Okay, There you go. Hey, Ben. We appreciate it as always, and we look forward to catching up with you again soon. Absolutely, guys. Thanks a lot. That's okay away. Bron Christian Center Benjamin Albright being brought to you by Coloradans for responsible energy development. It's big Alan. Judge on K Away News Radio gave Hunter with the check your afternoon. Dr. Yeah. Joe Joe, we have that crashed downtown, causing problems itself beyond 25 Before Alameda has you backed up all the way to 38 Park Avenue..

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