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And and give what you can. And and thank you Vance from all of us here at the Mike Gallagher show and the Salvation Army. God bless you. And God bless them. God bless the Salvation Army for all the great work that they do. All right. Here's this montage. I wanna play for gravy and put it together. Remember, how Democrats were livid at President Trump for daring to suggest that the elections were being rigged elections were being check this out. I love this. Thanks to grab even for pointing out. How Democrats have no problem accusing Republicans of stealing the midterm elections. I'm not hearing anything guys. Okay. Odd. Okay. Sorry about that. Somebody's gonna tell me. It's not playing sore. Apologies. We'll try to get it fixed and figure out why it didn't play the video played. But the audio didn't play and it started to play. But now it's not play. All right. Just in his in for Eric today, and Pavlina is at the controls, and I've already picked on Pavlina too much this week. So we will hold that. And hopefully get that up for you and be able to play it for you here in just a moment. Let's go back to your phone calls and talk a little bit about this conversation about Maga, and the friend of mine who's terrorized by a red Maga had. Here's MC MC, welcome. You're on the Mike Gallagher show. How are you? Thank you. I I turned the radio on about fifteen minutes ago. And you were just talking about people living in the bubble. And not having information, basically are misinformation not understanding I can interpret that more to ignorance now I own a business. And usually when somebody does something I try to figure out why they did something isn't ignorant. Do they need more knowledge training information? Or is there an ulterior motive, and it was done intentionally. I don't worry about the people who are operating and believe things out of ignorance, that's just a lack of information. And you can always learn you can read you can be. Aw. I worry more about and there's not much talk about on that for some unknown reason. I worry about not the lack of ignorance, but basically all the we call it misinformation. It's blatant lies that are bombarded to everybody from from MSNBC. CNN? Mc MC, that's the point. That's what that's what I get from my friend. He is he is brainwashed by NBC by CNN by ABC, CBS, NBC, vox, all these sites. She goes to online he gets all this mission formation, and he comes to a conclusion. And again, this is not a bad guy. This not somebody who's a mean-spirited. He's a fine young, man. But he's so misguided because of the misinformation that's why so many of us go to war with the mainstream media because they lie and they are corrupt. People's minds, and they are making people come to a conclusion that isn't there? And it's very frustrating. Mick I'm glad you nailed it. I'm up against the clock. Great to hear from you here in the relief factor dot com studios. It's fifteen before the hour coming up want to dive into my friend, Dan Webber, founder of Aimak. He's got very important thing to talk about the cost of prescription drugs..

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