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Kamai probably be number one or two but which is be okay. I don't I don't mind. Being the whipping boy ran for every time I I can live with that. I know it was a solid battle plan but but we also know that You know a lot of that stuff's not going to happen but again we do it based on what we feel like. We would do with a general manager. And you know we don't want people to think that this is our prediction of what they're gonNA do. We have fun with it. This you know this is how we would handle it. If we were the general manager and We try to be as realistic as possible. Because I mean I can say oh. Yeah they need to go Need to sign You know he's trade for equal Elliot. How they got running game but they should go out and talk Walter Jones out of retirement and You know whatever it is you know. It's not mad at all right where you can override the trait. But I mean we try to be as realistic and forthright. We'll see how it pans out but I wrote about it in in in one of my calls this week. In the throwback Thursday with the worst reagents near history And I said you know the say really only second to the draft is four stands for and then I go back when I do this for a living. I love read right through the Bob enough number how excited I was hardy dickerson. I can remember exactly where I was up spring. The Tampa Tribune silly cited already. Thanks was coming to town. I was excited with Not so much eric rife or Anthony Collins but you understand what I'm saying so You know what I mean. It's really free these really. I can only do the draft it. It really people like more dot is bigger trapped. I thought God it's forever Even Paler is at this point. I really enjoy reading screen. It's Yeah I like. They're a little bit more before the legal tampering thing because it literally was we were sitting art computers with their own our hand. And he nells pulled up at exactly. Four o'clock start hounding agent. You know you know it was a lot more investigative now with illegal tampering deal. You know it's not as much of that is so Kinda it's Kinda like when your parents which at my parents never did that. I've heard of other people you get to open like one or two of Sun crispy you know what I mean not me I I wanna I wanNA wake up that morning in and everything to open and legal tampering period. Because it does you know kind of what's GonNa happen around four o'clock when the open but It's exciting to me. It's still. It's still a fun time of the year for being and I like I like the draft. I love being an airplane on Thursday night when the Bell Rings and and Roger Goodell walked up without first pick. That is exciting In in something that I love and I am so fortunate to have this job I really am and I hope people understand. I do as much around. I'm silly I do take this job extremely serious and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to be able to do this for a living. Because I've mowed grass I've I've underwritten insurance policies I've whereas I've shoveled Madurai. You know. I really cows that they probably know had every job you can think about working the mines for three months So this is this is a dream. Come true for me I'm hoping at ten years and nobody pinches man wakes up and says hey mark you be like the pine graphic back to working for.

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