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Nate Wilcox and today I've got the distinct pleasure been joined by two of my colleagues in the Pantheon podcasting network. We've got the rock and Roll Librarian. Shelly Sorenson in Christian Swain the major Domo of the whole network and the rocket archaeologist. Welcome thank state and today we're GonNa talk about a classic of Rock Literature. No one here gets out alive by Jerry. Hopkins and Danny sugarman bother. Were deceased so. This is a perfect way to cover a real cornerstone of rock music literature. When we don't have the authors to go to so thanks so much for coming on and helping us discuss Jim Morrison and the doors. I love that we get to make up whatever we want. Because there's no dispute from the author's well you know some people say that Danny sugarman and Jerry Hopkins did just that is by FIA of their dead former acquaintance in tournaments case former client. But we'll get to that at the end. Let's just jump right in there. I mean this is a biography of a Jim Morrison Came out in nineteen eighty two. I believe about eleven years after he died was an enormous bestseller. I mean this was an the racks at the airports at seven. Elevens this was a trade paperback. It had a picture of Jim. Morrison not from nineteen sixty seven shirtless and beautiful. Just immortal at triggered rolling stone cover story said he's hot. He sexy he's dead. And kind of triggered the whole sixties revival that was a big pop culture factor in the eighties. What was it about mid sixties? La that made it such a great place to launch a rock career shelley. Well you know at that time. An La was big of course a big TV and movie capital and was increasingly becoming news capitol as well and at that time in nineteen sixty four Jim Started Jim. Morrison started studies at the UCLA film school and this was what they called the professors called the Golden Age of film at Ucla and and in Los Angeles the Faculty included top directors. And the students.

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