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I Don I dunno Lana is that maybe because she's pretty but she's super annoyed and really can't wrestle. She's uncoordinated. She's not particularly in the revival contract, which is GonNa Join Bruce off maybe. Maybe. I mean I think maybe that'd be good for her growing gone. Find something we'd Hey, maybe that's why he hasn't signed anywhere yet. Waiting for her but I thought she signed quite a long deal didn't she like? Who knows who knows respect? Yeah it was a mess but he got away and then she was like pointing in Oscar and stuff Oscar on comedy in the chair when she's dancing these some of the funniest stuff though I ever see I could watch that day. I'M NOT GONNA lie. Then it was. Time for Randy, Orton casino it's. Black mass to Kevin Bass Louis need to know alice the black. Nowhere. Coat now. Maybe. He's Pelvis Superhero I. mean he again, he took his head off and just actually. Enjoy growling. Savior thing maybe. I think this is their attempt of. Changing his gimmick Vince oversee wanting to do. GimMe can get behind like. Okay. Like rollins weapons locker room in like. He held rollins is like. Art, of this thing? Maybe maybe like a wake-up call a potentially I mean. Yeah could be potentially who knows I mean I'm assuming it's just lead into. Alice Black Wins at one point which yet take my money. It's fine I have no problem with. Winning his quick for the point of the story. Yeah so it was. Trump to more times, Erkki one-two-three all over. Amazing. There was some bits and pieces we've cedric and Bachelor, girl? Still. Don't get why she's on TV so much like. I don't I don't understand. This I. Don't know why she's there. Like, the bachelor still going over there or something or Bachelorette or wherever she is I just don't understand what she's doing. Like issue under contract with wwe. Idea like I have no idea because she's there every week flirting with. Eric. In Gaza and just around and in looking tiny in these massive office chair, the ringside I'd I don't know what it is I don't get what she's there for what she's promoting. I just don't understand it myself I, just don't understand it myself. But. Yeah. Anyway some stuff who've said drinking MVP trying to recruit him and stuff still I still think he's GonNa be Cochet. You know I still think it's going to do. A And then led to Lashley. Bedouin MVP is Cedric Alexander and the Viking raiders. Obviously. Kind of run of the mill match but..

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