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Degrees in Boston at 2 30. Good afternoon. I'm Ben Parker. Here's what's happening. One day before the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks that killed nearly 3000 Americans remembering and mourning continues two decades later. And New York City is preparing here at ground zero in lower Manhattan, where the twin towers once stood. Family members and those who were here that day will gather tomorrow doesn't seem possible. It's 20 years, Lynn Tierney was an F. D. N y, deputy commissioner on 9 11. Her job at ground zero was to provide the fire commissioner with the latest info the world watched those towers come down at the New York Stock Exchange. Traders held a moment of silence this morning to mark the day. Nearly 3000 people died on 9 11, including 343, F d N y. Firefighters. Michael George, CBS NEWS New York, The widow of one of the Massachusetts victims of 9 11 has made the decision that 20 years is long enough to hold the road race in his honor. Details from WBZ Skim Tunnicliffe was a difficult one to make. Christie Coombs quotes the phrase all good things must come to an end in talking about her decision to wrap up the Jeff Koons Memorial Road race. This year comes admit Sunday, September, 19th will be more emotional than usual. It's going to be even more bitter sweet because it's going to be like saying goodbye to an old friend. Christy says She and her family have learned a lot over these last 20 years about compassion, community spirit about the community's desire who remember and come together. In a positive light around such a tragic event comes isn't worried about the public forgetting about her husband or the other 9 11 victims. She does have one simple request. When you go to those memorials, pick out a name or to say that name out loud as long as that name is being said out loud. Those people are being remembered Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston's news radio, the White House Covid response team laid out the most recent information in the fight. To get control of the pandemic. White House chief medical advisor Dr Anthony Fauci says vaccination is the only way to improve chances of beating the virus and all of its variants to protect against any variant. The A Delta U or C 1.2 is to get vaccinated. Governor Charlie Baker is being urged to mandate vaccines in Massachusetts in care settings for those with disabilities. The arc of Massachusetts wants to mandate for vaccines for anyone providing care to people with disabilities in group living or day programs and is urging the state to provide direct financial support for surveillance, testing and other Infection control measures. Chris Sale has covid again. Sale had a round of Covid back in January. He called it a mild case with some symptoms. But now he has tested positive ahead of the Red Sox series in Chicago with the White Sox and therefore sale will not start for Boston against Chicago on Sunday. No replacement has yet been named. A number of Sox players and coaches have tested positive for Covid this season still to come on WBZ Plum Island. Running out of sand to 35 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Where would you like to take us, Michael? Well, we've got troubles up to the North Here Band. This is 1 28 south down, just backed up a few miles through Lexington. It's a crash, not a serious one. But it is their southbound after route to be a little closer to Winter Street, neither way it is backed up there. North beyond delays getting up towards that scene, of course, and then 1 28 north is backed up getting by 93 about a mile there and 1 28 south. Bad as usual Route 35 in Danvers into Peabody delays a 93 north start on the upper deck and reach up into Medford. This is about 15 minutes. Hold up for you. And then more delays conquered straight up pass through 1 25 in Wilmington. No surprise there. Delays on 4 95 north, as usual, coming up passed through three and the local connector. The southbound Express way up Looks like a Friday. Here. It's all brake lights from the tunnel to South Bay, then granted AV to route 24 Northwest. Bad coming in from Braintree of past Neponset Circle and really slow coming up towards the tunnel to Route three. South is tough most of the way down a Derby Street. Over a mile Wait for the Sagamore Bridge. Same at the born but it's after Labor Day. I don't get it over a mile on 28 sandwich Road into the born rotary too. So busy at the cape. Alright, 95 North is locked up a mile up towards 1 28 downtown, the lower decks already back to Sullivan Square store. Oh, drives backed up in and out of Lefferts circle, and there goes the Ted Williams Tunnel westbound. This report sponsored by Duck Duck, Go Protect your privacy for free with Doc Doc. Oh, what is it? That makes you uniquely you? Well, Dr Cho doesn't think that's any of their business. And frankly, it shouldn't be the business of any tech company. Protect your privacy online for.

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