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Show. Shout outs from everybody here in Studio B as we connect with our syndicated stations coast to coast via the biz talk radio network. Greetings to you all all of the people who texted and sent emails and connected via Facebook and Lincoln loved all the responses to last week's show, especially you know, my favorites Mitchell Meeks and Kathy Tarver super fans listening in from the super talk Mississippi network this week show guys brought to you by the low cost travel experts at eight hundred four three zero seven nine to three guys. We've got some fabulous holidays coming up. Maybe you have a little time saved up some vacation time, you know, from your company. Maybe you have more vacation time, then you have money in that case, you call these guys. They're fantastic pick the city you want to visit pick the craziest. Most wonder. Exotic idea you've ever had for traveling this holiday season coming up, and then give them a call eight hundred four three zero seven nine to three to find your lowest rates by far on fabulous, airfare. I love these guys the numbers on our website as well. Eight hundred four three zero seven nine to three also at brilliant frugal living dot com. Make it happen guys sitting here coffee in hand loving the way the coffees feeling in my hands right now. I love the holidays. We have the best thanksgiving last week. Did you guys have a great thanksgiving? Everybody's nodding around me. I did to just having family and friends, and maybe a couple of hours where you're not focused on work all the time having a wonderful long weekend. The kids loved being off from school. And now, you remember this is like when you were kids now that you're back in school after thanksgiving, but before Christmas, it's lucky to get anybody in my family tree focusing in school right now, she's not happening. They loved being with their friends, and they got all these fun projects going on. That was like being in school between thanksgiving and Christmas. You're just coasting. You're being nice to your teachers, you haven't phone with your friends, but I cannot for.

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