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At a. Nursing home I'm. Christopher cruise mandatory evacuation orders are in place this morning for almost forty thousand people in and around ridding a town of ninety thousand in. Northern California a raging wildfire has burned more, than forty eight thousand acres and five hundred structures and is threatening five thousand more buildings correspondent Paul vercammen is there, this morning the fire that moves fast. Like this it's not like a hurricane where there might be a three day build up and someone's fairly certain that it's gonna hit it such and such. A time it just came roaring out of the hillsides here they believe it was caused by the mechanical failure of. A vehicle some going so far as, to say perhaps a tire blowout on a mobile home causing some kind of spark Leeson, Rob's town Texas near, Corpus Christi continue their investigation, this morning the, two separate but related. Deadly shootings two men and a woman died at a. Nursing home two men were found dead at a house in the town Police say a man shot the two men at his house and a man and. A woman at the nursing home before killing, himself police hope data from Mali Tibbets fitness tracker holds clues to the whereabouts of the missing university of Iowa student, cross Iowa friends family and volunteers are. Trying to find Molly Tibbets the twenty year old university of Iowa student disappeared last week Tibbets was last seen jogging along a rural highway near her boyfriend's. House she was dog sitting for him on the day of the disappearance on Thursday police said there was no indication. That her boyfriend was involved now they're, working to identify a suspect responded Andy rose former Fox News host Kimberly Kilfoyle is reportedly, facing allegations of misconduct, at the network the Huffington, Post says FOX, has been investigating claims. Of inappropriate behavior by Guilfoil including sexual misconduct she's been. Dating Donald Trump junior and recently left.

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