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Live from npr news in washington on core of a and the catastrophic hurricane ernment is in the atlantic ocean with top sustained winds of one hundred eighty five miles per hour the national hurricane center says erma is the strongest atlantic hurricane ever recorded outside the caribbean and gulf of mexico the storm's made landfall on the caribbean island of barbuda and its effects are spread through the region and jelica o'donoghue is chief editor of the antigua chronicle and spoke to the bbc buttoned on it but i can't away i'm here to win hold it out by and they already report so road being blocked the emergency services all on the road again and they're been at least who reported fires though it absolutely horrendous oath by the national hurricane center warned some models show erma could make landfall in florida this weekend officials in the florida keys are requiring visitors to leave this morning residents of the keys will also be required to evacuate a federal lawsuit filed in houston accuses the army corps of engineers of deliberately flooding residential and business properties after hurricane harvey had passed npr's wade goodwin reports the case involves hundreds of homes and businesses below the addicts and barker reservoirs in west houston after harvey had passed the army corps of engineers was forced to make a decision a big release of water from the reservoirs would flood large dry sections of the city downstream a smaller release meant the neighborhoods above the reservoir would get it worse the core ended up opening the floodgates wide and the.

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