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I'll tell you that I do have a problem. When players like my teen I've never like that. Do you take it personally when they decide they want to get out? Absolutely absolutely. You should. I mean, you put so much into these guys then and you think you're doing the right thing, And then you get a calm they suddenly since wants to leave. And you take that personal. You don't take that. You know that They want to go join another team and then think that team is better. You've been take that part personal, but I think you know, Listen, player bombing is good, uh, in a lot of ways. Place for so many years really had no rights. You know, I was a player Andre. Let's be honest. You have to play your way into greatness through up to be able to have that power because you know, I was average player a little bit above average. I think about a garden and said, I want to get traded. They would have, they would have done. They're not sending you where you want to go. That's exactly what Yeah, we're talking to Doc Rivers. Theseventies, six years head coach. How does it go over and Philly with you being called Doc? And you know how 76 or fans are? They're very territorial with the only doctor. That's Doctor. Yeah. I love the fans there because they remind me a little bit of Boston. They have what you would call Real passion. And so, the building the building I'm living in. The doorman says Hey, you know, I'm never calling you down. Uh And I'm said no, I'm good with that. You know, I thought it was a joke. Then I've been there now what? 67 months living there, and it's either. Hey, Mr Rivers are Hagelin. He's actually serious people not call me Doc was Doc's still around when you got into the MBA. Yeah, um I want to say play two or three years. You know, I've never met him and the first game we played him down with it gets injured. And and Mike Fratello comes up to me and says, Hey, You're a point guard, but I'm gonna need you to guard you know Dr J E was thinking this is this. Is that gonna go? Well, what was great about it? We got into the jump ball circle. And you know, Dr J reaches out and says, What's up? Doc s? Oh, that was a really cool moment. For me. That was really cool. I was happy. You did that. And you got to go back to college when Rick Majerus was your assistant coaching where you would a basketball camp when you were the doctor J T shirt. Yeah. I was a freshman in high school and Rick and L. McGuire. They didn't know my name. You know, they needed me to, uh, play now. The Bucks were there playing an exhibition game for us, the campers the only at nine players. And they needed 1/10 flare. Al McGuire stands up and says, Hey, Doc, come down and play. And I'm sitting there like looking just like all the other kids that get Who's Doc? And he pointed at me. And I realized that I was Doc on. I found out after the game that Rick Majerus. Total man that kid can really play. But I had a doctor J T shirt. So I told Rick and Hay and Al 50 times My name's Glen. My name's that doc, and they didn't want to hear it, so I just had to live with it. How did Dr J do against your defensive prowess? He did. Well, yeah, They're e don't know how well but he did very well. I remember we had Grant Hill on and he said later in his career, You know, I was supposed to be this defensive stopper, you know, and he was a great offensive guy. But you know, because he was limited with injuries. All of a sudden, he was a defensive stopper. He's got to go out there and guard LeBron And he said, I'm not a defensive stopper, but I had to have a role and that was basically it. Yeah, It's a tough rule. I tell you, especially late in your career when I was with the Spurs, you know, I was coming off the bench my last two years and Bob here would put me into just to stop people. Vinny Del Negro, Unfortunately, got people really warm by the time I got to get remember playing Allan Houston in Detroit, and I call the time out at three minutes on the floor. And Bobby was going crazy. What would you call a time out for it? So I can't guard this guy E. He was absolutely killing me. You know, I was laughing and joking. I'm not joking. I can't get him. Oh, I love that. You call the time out. But also Vinnie, let him score. You got to come in and try to, you know, shut it. He got a warm Way used to go, Benny Kerosene, you know, because I A o. How's your team? By the way? All right, love with them, and we have a lot of growing to do like it's a Very long, talented basketball team figuring out still how to win. You know what Winning? Looks like every day? They're young. Then, um, I have to remind myself of that using when you have a talented Thing that has a chance. You have a lot of veterans on this team, you know, other than Danny Green and white. This is really young Master Balti. And so they're really fun that goat You know, and we look at this from the outside, we go. Well, you should be out to help Ben Simmons shoot or, you know, it's like Lonzo ball. We should be able to help them shoot. Is it harder to help somebody this late in their career? You know when you're in your twenties, which sounds late that you haven't learned how to shoot or have that confidence. What role can you play in helping Been be a better shooter. What you want him to do is first be a better player, You know, Uh, t show him. What his talents can bring him. You know, For me, it's just passing in. His defense is his playmaking and Dennis and shooting always start with the free throw line. You know, I think you gain Ah, lot of confidence from that line. And you know our first conversation. Uh, together. I told him I want you to get on the line. Uh, 10 times again. I want you to make it to the foul line, 10 times a game and to me that started because When you see a player been made two free throws late last night in the game when you see a player willing to get fouled that tells you that their confidence is starting to grow. I think way too much were made about Ben Simmons in three pointers. You know, I like you don't need to be a three point shooter. Hey, needs to take him when they're they're you know if you know what I'm saying. Jimmy Butler in the play offs scored with 50 points last year without taking the three. You know, so you can still be very effective, especially with Ben's body type. What was that feeling? Like when you realize the Clippers didn't want to keep you Oh, it's hard one um, you know, because I know I can, coach, you know, And so when you're with that team, and it was not a easy year last year, Dan, you're in the bubble. Um You know, we have two guys didn't play most of the year. I mean, Paul, George and and quite Lynn. And I think had five practices together the entire year. So you know, you never got a chance to coach that real team. Uh, and get into their potential. Uh, but whenever you lose a job, it's hard, you know, because you believe you could do the job, and especially with that team, like I looked at that team and thought You know? Healthy. All year. I think we would have been hard to be, but we never had that in the bubble was disaster. We had guys you know, I think transmits 30 days in the bubble. Lou Williams had chicken Wing gates. If you remember how mad did you get it to him for going out to get chicken wings?.

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