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So what else is new? And this is the same matchup that will have for you tomorrow night. Assed part of Sunday night baseball on ESPN radio. The Padres right now we mentioned the covert issues that they are having their without Fernando to teach junior Wil Myers, Eric Hosmer. Jurickson pro far and Jorge Mateo. Ah, bench players, So it is a depleted lineup, but a team that is still finding ways to win games as they take the field. Let's take you to the starting lineups for tonight's game. We begin with the visiting Cardinals again. The leaders of the National League Central leading off and playing shortstop for the injured up all the young is Tommy Edmund Dylan Carlson in right field, batting second. Adding 31st base. Paul Goldschmidt cleanup hitter was the third baseman Nolan Ah Renato, batting fifth and catching Yadier Molina hitting sixth and left field. Tyler O'Neill Adding seven that second base Max more off, hitting eighth in center field, Harris Invader and batting ninth of pitching 39 year old Adam Wainwright for the Padres. Their leadoff man is the center fielder Trent Grisha. Adding 2nd and 3rd base Manny Machado hitting 3rd and 2nd base. Jake Cronin words. Cleanup hitter is the left fielder Tommy Pham, Batting fifth at first base. Austin Ola batting sixth in right field, Brian O'Grady's summoned for the miners because of all the covert issues the team is having. Adding seven that shortstop Hassan Kim, batting eighth and catching his victor Cara Teeny and batting ninth and pitching tonight for the Padres is 25 year old right hander Chris Patty. Who was recently on the injured list for not disclosed reasons has made one start since coming back off the Isle with three scoreless sitting six days ago. Against the Giants and singing They're hoping to build up from there, Jase Tingler would love not only ineffective outing But a deeper outing from Patrick Tonight she makes his seventh start of the season. 4 78 e R A and you look at so here's a guy that keeps the ball in the ballpark 780.7. Home runs per nine innings, so see how he could contain.

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