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More traditional virginia bipartisanship uh at least a little more bipartisan than what we've national level and we just don't know uh the democrats question i mean i think the questions are on the democrat side the republicans are gonna come in united by behind kirk cox but are the democrats you neither behind to escano are they all gonna be in line behind their current leadership or are they going to be challenges that leadership there's going to be difficulty keeping them online and we just don't know so we've got a senate barely republican we've got a house that's 5050 who knows how that will work out we're going to have a new governor as of january 13th ralph north them a democrat is this an opportunity for this governor who is at least being portrayed as a semi moderate he's not a polarizing figure and not a true progressive leftist um as as republicans tried to claim during the campaign is this a chance for him to intervene will the with the general assembly look for him to offer some leadership and guidance and ferreting legislative legislation through it's possible i mean he certainly has the opportunity it's like you're saying uh and constitutionally like just the kind of person ralph northern is is a a go along get along id compromised person a moderate he does like to you know she's part of that tradition of virginia politics so whether he kind of relies on his own uh i wanna say constitution a kind of person he is or whether he follows the the message really given by democratic voters in this election i didn't democratic voters are in a different place than democratic legislators democratic voters want their people to fight back voters want change they want this to be uh you know a a part of the resistance the push against trump nationally uh but democratic legislators particularly those who weren't part of this wave you don't have been in the and the delegates in the house for awhile i think we'll look more towards compromise so the tension between the electorate and the actual legislators i think will be interesting to see how that plays out that might present an opportunity for nor them uh whether or not you can take advantage.

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