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Credible claim that the owners were asking for a total of eight hundred million dollars in additional pay cuts the players made a counter proposal last night and the key points of this it would be a hundred and fourteen game season the owners were proposing eighty two I it would go from June thirtieth which is really aggressive and I don't know if there's some kind of I should say I don't know I'm pretty sure that the players put their June thirtieth date to try and light a fire to try and turn to some of this discussion back on the owners' or at least keep it on the owners to say not only do we want to play about thirty more games we want to start at the end of this month let's go so they do that knowing full well that the owners are going to go for it because of the other stuff that was in the proposal any player can opt out of playing if they don't want to and I think that I I think that that's something that the owners will get on board with I don't think anybody wants to force athletes to compete when they have somebody at home that could you know be compromise greatly if they brought you know positive test into the house so I I think both sides would be on board with that you hope that nobody opts out but certainly leaving them that possibility I think it's fair and then here's the thing where everything falls apart it's a deferment that the players are proposing not a pay cut a deferment and the deferment would only come if the playoffs are canceled and the only way that the playoffs are cancelled is if we get a big second wave of cove it which might happen could happen we don't really want to think about it and also who's to say that they don't you know power through a little bit depending on how severe this second wave is so really it not only is it not a pay cut it's a deferment which means that the players lose no money the deferment doesn't even kick in unless the post season is canceled not much of a concession not a concession at all and that's my point here this is not progress just because a counter proposal is put out by the players last night that does not mean that the two sides are getting closer doesn't mean it at all fact it's quite the opposite because the players in star with Max Scherzer is comments on social media the other day they're not going to take more pay cuts at all whether they knew that the the owners were going to come back to them like this you know smoking email that we heard about last week not last week the week before the week before I was out whether the owners mentioned in the email or not the players were never going to agree to further pay cuts the one they took a March the pro rated salaries that's what they were on board with that's what they agreed to when they were going to do anything else so this is them they throw out little things you know like the June thirtieth date to trying get more pressure on the owners and they put in some things that they feel are important like players being able to opt out and not play at all this kind of stuff but at the end of the day we know what this are with this conversation is about some about location it's not about number games it's not about player safety because I think that both sides have safety in their minds I think Major League Baseball what people said they were Major League Baseball went too far in their safety protocols I don't know that going too far in safety protocols is something that can exist in the year twenty twenty but be that as it may this is always about money this is what this has come down to is money this is not progress and I'm not saying that the players should bend to the will of the owners I'm not saying that at all I don't see very much in this M. L. B. P. a proposal that I disagree with more games awesome starting on June thirtieth sweet players can opt out if they don't feel safe that's just basic fairness and being a human being and even the money thing that's fine I I don't I don't have a problem with anything in the player's proposal my only problem is that it's not getting us closer to baseball and I I think we're we're getting to the point now where it does not matter who's to blame it does not matter you know we were are you you know before Blake's now it was on the owners and they shifted the players out back it doesn't matter anymore we're past the point of pointing fingers it's are you gonna play baseball or are you not because for a lot of people if they're not we're out that's it you can look at all a lot of different statistics and I just pulled up one poll that Gallup has put together over you know the history of baseball it took you know we always talk about how McGwire and Sosa save baseball right after the ninety four strike but really it took ten years after that for baseball to supplant basketball in terms of the percentage of people who view that as their favorite sport it's not the only metric but it it it's one that I I pulled up last night it took baseball baseball for ever had been you know obviously both far behind football but for a very long period of time I've been tell about nineteen ninety four if you ask people what their favorite sport is more of them would say baseball the basketball then the strike happened and what to the NBA's credit they had Michael Jordan and then those numbers kind of got flipped and then ninety eight happens Major League Baseball on a better trajectory by two thousand and eight based more people say baseball as their favorite sport than basketball and now it's started to trend back the other way now you could look at television ratings and and revenue and social media and all this stuff and say that basketball is already more popular it damned baseball and it's certainly more nationally relevant but just because my whole point here is that baseball always banks on this America's pastime romanticism that we have about baseball that we want so badly for it to come back and we talk about I remember opening day and we're all talking and lamenting on you know how special this date is supposed to be opening date for the major league season and we didn't get it and how bummed we worry about that there is there is a level of love for baseball that is uncommon to any other sport even if you like football you don't I just don't think people love football the way they love baseball now more people would view football as their favorite sport and football is more popular than baseball but the love that baseball fans have for baseball is uncommon to any other sport and they have throughout much of their history they have banked on that that people will come back because they love baseball it's what the game they grew up playing for many of us it's a first for we were introduced to all that kind of stuff they always bank on that twenty twenty is unique twenty twenty is not like any other time in any of our lifetimes they cannot bank on that romanticism anymore because if baseball doesn't come back there are trends in place that say not only will the NBA surpass it in certain things like being somebody's favorite sport or continue to separate themselves from baseball but if you look at trends soccer is becoming more and more popular and in this country soccer is a summer sport the landscape in sports both participating and watching is too crowded for baseball to bank on that love that romanticism surrounding baseball with this not with this not with the unemployment rate where it is now with the number of people who are going with the number of people dealing with hard times now with the number of businesses that are never going to reopen all this kind of stuff a squabble over money plus how crowded the landscape is if it took ten years for baseball to get back what they had lost I guess fourteen years so four years after the strike McGwire and Sosa happened ten years after that baseball really takes back its spot in the in the pantheon of sport in this country K. they don't have there's another decade basketball's gonna be way ahead of them soccer is going to pass them and it is there you know we're all pretty well rounded individuals I would say in terms of sports we like but the thing about the ones that you're really into is there I now Froome analog in our country right you know we talk about the four majors in hockey being one look at the numbers with hockey it's not really the four majors it's the three and then it then those hockey is there enough room for baseball to make their way back in a get back what they will lose if they don't play and I don't think you I don't think they can and now baseball well plugged in well regarded baseball people are saying the doomsday clock is ticking this is not you know alarmist behavior this is not a hot take Corey this is a real the clock is ticking and if they cannot get it done baseball will never recover at least not to the extent that they did after the strike they're just too many factors against it and sitting here on my I don't feel like we're closer to baseball beat just because the players propose something we're not closer we didn't make progress last night the one issue that they disagree on is the thing that's going to keep this thing drag dragging out for week four more weeks and it's money and in twenty twenty that's just the worst look you could possibly have and some people never forgiven for it five two two nine eight seven to take of thoughts on that coming up next joined by Roland Varga H. lance what do we learn did we learn anything and also is Lance Armstrong.

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