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Old. You're the owner of Naff it just math math stance vase and in Glasgow and you are you've done incredible things by turning passion into a business and as we speak today you have just a one two more awards. The Scratch magazine scored for silent of the <HES> and Social Media Star will done and because you've won the second can one three times in a row. What does that know me so we are no in the hall of fame the Scotch magazine Ole Scratch Stars Hall of fame and the Social Media Cagney which as incredible is really really wanted to win it this year and I'm so glad that we did so I get to be a judge next year which is Swiss i-in when I spoke to you so <hes> <hes> listen to them? No I hosted an event that you were part of a handle of up in Edinburgh to deal with the World Bank of Scotland and easy wins and it was basically basically we talked about business and managing finances and what we've had to get your head around is turning your passion into a business and then basically developing business brain and I never a lot of people who listen to this show might have passion projects that they are thinking about starting up or side hustle that they'd like to make their full time job so how where did it all begin. What was the original passion so the original passion was genuinely just doing my neal's? I did my dissertation petition that I am. I always have to be doing something with my hands. Otherwise I just feel depressed. If I'm not like making something so I studied bitcoin design and technology at Uni always saw in making things and when it came to my last year I was just doing my dissertation so as rating and Danilo reports and I just didn't feel like I had to create a vote by dead love pain and my Neal's Anim- swin tumbler is really taken off and I was seeing you know these amazing nail designs and I thought I saw reprint Neal's and I thought I mean I've obsessed with lay prince so I thought I could easily with island l. sold it and it'd be it will at least from there and it was just a really nice when when I was sitting right my dissertation my laptop it was really nice to be looking at some brightly colored fun looking nails and like something that I could be off as well so it totally spiraled from there and I started taking pictures of my nails didn't tutorials putting them on Tumbler anim- I mean when I look back on them. They're not not so gorgeous time. People are really into and start beating the news too and so from the START I painting my friends nails statements elva vintage fears Tonle Tampons to kneel are and then from there yeah I just kind of well I got kind of bored and other people's not board if he and other people's nails I I was trying to think like Kokin I do more people's nails with sitting in front of them all the time and like physically having to be the because it was quite tired and I was entering into the team and working taken as a visual merchandiser so it's quite difficult to and so I started in making Neil decals which early tattoo transfers for your nails Amazon started no actually started paying enforce Neal's I._B._M.. Falls Neal's sold them on as so it was like the designs I was doing on other people but I could say to people and London and Manchester and then I started making Neil decals and then the neal decals where they can a business to call from so I actually go and chased from top shop stock in the Neil decals so that was like an appointment. I had to decide to just keep this as his are like or dislike anti-business so sexy on for that and I'm glad I made enter business. What was the was the salon the thing you thought where I'm going to do this and I want us out on Yep so Iran ah so the neal decals? I ran the business for two years cold D._I._Y.. Neal's and I love doing that. I just as I was doing that.

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