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In display fingerprint sensor near the bottom in a fixed location, which is putting a show this off. Yeah, it is. So you get a little indicator, and he oh, that's excellent. Thanks. Current new screensavers? All right. Let's see if it inflates the if I can plate the bag. This is so exciting. Oh, there we go. Keep it upside down in here. It will were helium in there. They've got a really fill fill in the helium. All right of that. That's a lot of helix long way to go. These devices work, and if I hit bet you a hundred bucks, then I could kill your phone with helium, you'd say sure, Kyle whatever you're crazy. Twit. He'd keeps going and going and going doing couldn't kill the phone, by the way to stop the clock. Right. Well, let me tell you. This is actually the weirdest story ever and Kyle Wiens of I fix it dot org. Wrote it up on the I fix it blog. It starts at a hospital just outside of Chicago. They got a new MRI machine. And all of a sudden everybody's phone in the hospital. The guy this has been in the hospital gets all these calls. People say, my phone's not working, it's not working and at first he thought, oh, as I would have thought must have been an EMP like some burst of electricity fried the phones, but it was weird because no Android phone stopped working, even I phone. There was an iphone five in the hospital. It worked. It was just later iphones that stopped working and an apple watches. And he couldn't figure it out. You know in anybody's fixed computers, or you know, has been a geek, you've you've had this experience where I don't know that makes no sense. But at the same time, I always in my head, and I even say this sometimes on the radio show. Look, these are not these are not magical machines. The everything is deterministic. There's a cause and effect. There's there's something that happened. But you just can't figure it out. The guy's name is Eric Wooldridge. He posted the puzzle on read it that was a good move other systems that you know. MRI machines are cooled with liquid helium. Maybe it was the helium. So he investigated found and yes, there was a little helium leak and that new machine it vented into the building. And because the MRI room was not an isolated h fac loop. It got pumped into the ventilation was it was a it was about ninety thousand liters of gaseous helium could crave. That's a very expensively. Everyone's talking like the munchkins. Yeah. Well, that's what Kyle said. I bet the nurses voices were higher pitched that day. But what what people didn't know. And it's even in the iphone manual. I phones nowadays most devices are made with Mems micro electro mechanical machines, these are tiny physical machines affect here's one from. Kyle's a article this is that that one right? There is a gyroscope, and this is an accelerometer, and if you actually look closely at the accelerometer, you could see it's broken. So the way this works is is these these things go back and forth. They move this one got broken. Right. And so this is fifty nanometers. This is you see this is a scanning electron microscope. You cannot see this in order to save room.

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