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Don't see because they can't market it. They can't sell it. They can't sell a pistol peak Jersey. Black and white too. No, he's got 16 millimeter. No, that's black and white. They have it in color. There's full color, bro pistol P video? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, no question. Yeah, you'll see him. You only see one or two. It's just like the moon landing. You only see one or two of that. We're not going to get into the moon landing, right? Good. We're not going to good. Not talking about it talking about it. TJ, how was pride parade this week? You had to have somebody there to at least video it. I remember when I asked, I said, hey, can I get a camera to go down to the pride video? They go, where are we going to put it on the best dance bus? I go, yeah, it's going to be hilarious. It's a part of life, man. For sure. But I wasn't able to attend this year. He wasn't able to be able to go down to what I told you. So my car is all jacked up. So I'm trying to go anywhere at this point. Yeah, yeah. You do anything not to get gas. He doesn't even leave his house. You got to set me an Uber. Uber, my back is hurting. You mentioned the best damn, it's too bad. Mike's not here today because he worked on that back in the day. What was that like? The phenomenon of that show. I remember watching it in the early 2000s. It was awesome. I mean, I told somebody yesterday, I remember Joe buck said something that was a silly show and I got upset and Chris rose is like, come on, man. Chill. And I was like, what? Y'all acting like Joe buck is more important than what was I couldn't get it. It was a lot of fun because we had comedy writers writing comedy about sports and I knew that athletes were very sensitive. I knew they didn't have a lot of them didn't have a funny bone in their body. But it really got to the point Tiger Woods and want to come on. I got to interview him, but he didn't want to come on because the time honor was making jokes. But he wound up doing an interview with me because I'm cool like that. And I got juice. But it was the most fun. And I say this because I know these guys are going to watch, right? We have John ants, Weinberg, Becker, I don't want to leave all the names out because I don't want to do Cahill. All the people who are exactly the producers. I used to constantly say to them, this is the best job we're ever going to have. To get there, well, I got there one. The production meeting started one, so I get there one.

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