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Shouldn't buy it because stay Lauder tests on animals, however. Found an article on the PTO website. And you know, they are the most doctrinaire of everyone. I've heard of them, and they had an interesting point that I would like to read. Yes, please do quote, it's important to support cruelty free companies such as urban decay, which is owned by Laurie Al as well as to face cosmetics because if their parent companies see that kind and compassionate cosmetics are popular it may lead to a decision to reject testing on animals permanently. And I was like. I hadn't thought of that. And that's an interesting point. And does that inspire you to purchase this to face mask? Yes. Small size are big size. Well, I have she gave me the small size. So you're going. I think we'll go for the big. And then there two other products that are not at Sephora that I think I'm going to take the plunge with while. I'm just kind of updating my product one is the mad hippie vitamin C serums that Jessica hopper talked about Iran into a friend who I was chatting about serums with and they are also using this, and they love it. Yeah. I was like, oh, just go up or just told us about that haven't been using vitamin CS here for a while not for any real reason. Just because I ran out of one and never rebuilt, and I'd like to incorporate it back into my routine and the other thing I'm gonna is Egyptian magic. Oh. I'd love Japan magic. I mean. Now Dori it's a Costco. It's gotta go. And it's like a two for one situation. O L see if they have it then roll through. Costco, sherpa anytime. Well, let's take a quick.

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