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Dot com 7 7 three network. Thanks for listening on this last Friday night of 2022. It's 9 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s, Rick McClure in the WTO traffic center. All right, Michelle, thanks. Let's take it back around capitol beltway, where it still runs at speed, no issues reported through Maryland and Virginia, I two 70, no problems there, I 95 doing well, BW Parkway had a little volume headed north through green belt and Laurel south report made route 50 to one well, three lanes west and two lanes east across the bay at speed. Over to Virginia 66, no problems there, three 95, you're good, I 95, still with a little volume left. North from dumfries through Dale City and you're good on the southbound side through the district northwest, ongoing investigation of a crash from a few hours ago that still has both sides of New York avenue shut down between 14th and 15th streets and police are with a crash along the southbound side of D.C. two 95 before Pennsylvania avenue that could have a single lane getting by causing delays now from before benning road on the southbound side and rubber necking glaze on the northbound side from before Pennsylvania avenue. Get better sleep and save big at Ashley's new year's sales of it. Shop and save on all the leading brand mattresses and those deals won't last long, visit home stores dot online for the Ashley store nearest Jew. Rick McClure traffic. Your storm team four, four day forecast from Chad Merrill. Clouds quickly advancing into the metro area late tonight. We'll have a couple of spits of rain in the afternoon on New Year's Eve, the high temperature 60°, we dry it out in the evening, we stay dry on New Year's Day

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