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Next up on a less old jr smith take on followup income blocking the new york because tweak we reality could have done with regard to because tracy mcgrady said anyone can wondering what could be called type which is absolutely true in hong kong turned away roleplayers in that world saudis proof positive of the john the idea writer got rained shells the california raises not available p j p j brown lettering aegis is as long as the guy's got rings randy brand randy brown got of shells already around right so you said anyone can ring when running but i will convicted all same jr smith said this may release said that quote so no one else thinks that dumb as hell and then you see something the responses are phenomena here to review day lady let him up or what not because people that rival the braun to the finish in hop on super teams when rain but they'll never be hall of famer so it makes sense that will actually see any names so you got voice sit down and mind your own business this ninjas stay in someone else's koolaid always meddling looking at boy d i s.

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