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Accident to someone else just unbelievably a craven and cowardly behavior from from ted kennedy and that is depicted in the in the movie they don't hit it as hard as they could you do very briefly see farrar that edgar town rescue squad guy you very briefly see him telling a group they're on their bridge that he thinks he he could have saved her if he'd gotten the call and you see her this is the most powerful part of the movie you actually do see shots of of berry joko pack ni as she's in the rear of the car and she's calling for help she of course thinks that her hero ted kennedy is on the way to save her she has no idea that ted kennedy she's the farthest thing from from kennedy's mind his only thought is how he's going to salvage his political career and so well the movie doesn't hit that as hard as it could the central scan candle of of chappaquiddick i think does come through loud and clear so so ted kennedy's instinct was to try to get somebody else responsible for the accident some accounts some of the books that have been written say that upon returning that night to the to the house for the party was he tried to get his cousin joe goggin was very prominent character in the movie to say that he'd been driving a car garden was sort of a fix it man for the kennedys goggin wasn't that crazy he wouldn't do it the movie shows ted kennedy planning to say that mary jo is driving that car she was the one who drove the car off the bridge and and that plan being repudiated by joe garden and a guy named markham who incredibly was the us attorney in boston at that time he was a kennedy family associated was at the party after kennedy walked back to the house and by dot course it's too late garg and and markham dive down to the car to see what they can see and maybe try to save mary jo while ted kennedy sits on the bank he's useless there's no situation which anyone expects ted kennedy to do.

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