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Is Jay Dobbins buckle up. You're listening to the green. Welcome back to the green line, folks. President Trump condemned some Democrats and their attempts to thwart off police from cooperating with ice and instilling tide of these lethal drugs, and I think it's important for people to understand because we have way too many people. Did a running for political positions. That are anti law enforcement. And it's it's scary. When you start looking at it. And at the same time, I think you have individuals that are already in political positions. That don't understand what it is that we do. So what they're doing is. They're trying to make the villains that way, they can pull the votes from a certain group of people what it comes down to like, these antiga jerks that you see all the time which I've seen some of these anti fa guys probably get the one big yoked. Antifa guy to come after me. But it is what it is. I'll just tell you that I see some of these anti fa folks and some of these anarchy so-called, anarchists and. No, Andy, I don't think they could fight their way out of a paper bag. Know, they're pretty weak looking individuals. But apparently, they think they can be tough guys. And they're out there talking about it. And one thing that I wanted to talk to President Trump's remarks. But one thing I want to talk about his there was some for folks on September twenty first is when the the media first reported it, right? And it was a website. It was an antique fa website. And it did call for the slaughter of this is what it says the call. It's a call for the slaughter of fastest. Border patrol dogs and their bosses. Wow. And that's in reference to to publish claims that are known by a t for activists. So it goes on and it shows, and it says killers and Browns shirt uniforms, which we don't wear Brown. So they are either colorblind how the United States border patrol brutalizes the masses, and it was written on the September. Twentieth of two thousand eighteen and they're well known and t for activists, it's the writers and the new service, and I think his name is already Salazar, and they call themselves revolutionaries, and it's time to rise up with the masses and cause violence against fastest border patrol dogs and their bosses he goes on to say slaying them slaying them. That's what it says slaying them with ROY. Revolutionary fire and Justice. The source also stated that they said red guards and their supporters as they have said this before the time for activism is over. Now is the time for war. Believe that. So they're calling out for an all out war on against border patrol agents directly. The source. Also advocated to end the barbarism that the US imperialism and for masses from Central America and Mexico to exact revolu revolutionary vengeance and seize power. Well, I don't think that has gotten enough media play. I don't think people know what antifa. How the movement started? Where it started out with people really know about it. Hear it once in a while. And that's it. Yeah. They're bugs is what they are. Then you'd be squished. And I know it sounds horrible to say it in and then they'll say, oh well arts law enforcement, and he say, you know, what guys these people are domestic terrorism. They're a threat to America. They're a threat to our way of life, and I took an oath to defend this country against all terrorists. Foreign and domestic, and that's where people are getting lost. And these people are domestic terrorists. But to go ahead and say, it's time to stop activism. It's time to start the war. It's time to go on all out war. Hey, listen man at the end of the day. I just wanna live to be an old, man. And if some of these anti fa guys come and there's a problem, and I gotta take a few of them with me. So be it should agents keep their eyes open even more. Now. I've always I've always I think all on forcement wintertime. We're all on forcement needs to keep their eyes open, and you have these certain regimes, and you have these these act so-called activists, and you have these throughout the entire border. The the the hubs across the border people as I like to call him, you know, and and they're anti law enforcement. That's what it comes down to. And they say, well, you know, the people that you guys are arresting are criminals, if I break into your house semi-criminal if I just go into your window. Am I, you know, I'm a criminal if I need something, and I'm going to go in there, just take I'm in need store criminal regardless of if I've broken into your house before or not at all it takes is one time in a criminal. So I'm tired of hearing this all will these these illegal immigrants? They're not illegal immigrants or illegal aliens. I'm tired of hearing that. Don't call them aliens for one I'm tired of hearing people attack that that's the legal word illegal aliens in the reality is I don't care if you break into the country once twice or if it's your time. You're breaking our laws of our country, and you are a criminal. You may not like it. You may be bothered by the fact that you're being called a criminal, but you're a criminal and a lot of it stemmed. And my my frustration is when I did this FOX townhall townhall meeting a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. There was a girl there, and she was very like don't call me a criminal. Don't call me an alien. Let's what you are. And then I went on her face on her on her Instagram page on her Instagram her personal Instagram page and offer pictures are how Mexico's fantastic how she root for the Mexican team. How the Mexican team so great. In fact, she has a picture on her Instagram where it's your birthday cake. Right. And it's a Mexican flag. So I'm sitting here going, then why do you want to be a citizen of this country? Yeah. You know what? I mean. It's just doesn't make any sense your allegiance is obviously not here. It's over there. So go, I'm okay with you just. Practice. What you preach. Yeah. Right. I got so many things in my head that I want to talk about President Trump delivered. Those some remarks at the one hundred and twenty fifth annual conference as an exposition of international association of chiefs of police. There's a long name often Orlando, Florida. Yeah. That's a long name. He got a lot of praised all from from allow the at these in. He talked about the brave efforts with federal immigration and customs enforcement of sea ice. He says. My administration will always honor cherish and support the men and women in blue and we're proud to do it. That's what he told the crowd at the Orange County convention center during this assembly he goes on and he says every single day of my administration. We will stand for law order and just we understand that the reducing that reducing crime begins with the respecting law enforcement. He added and expounded some thoughts, and he talked about other things and he's escalating political attacks on our courageous police officers obviously upset over that. Who isn't who isn't obviously the anti fa clowns. And all these other people that. Are using their own political positions to attack law enforcement. I don't want to name named him before. Welcome to the clown show down here in Tucson, Arizona. Mr. broker Halbe. He's one of them. I've never seen it more than over the past few years. He says it's disgraceful. And he goes on to say where we need to focus on especially during the coming elections. Politicians who spread this dangerous anti police sentiment. Make life easier for criminals and more dangerous for law abiding citizens. It must stop now. Better words, have not been spoke. Honestly of all the things that he he's President Trump has said, I agree with some of them. I don't agree with some. But this one I think just should resonate across the entire United States and people need to understand these politicians that want sanctuary cities these politicians that want open borders. These politicians that want to get benefits before American citizens. You see these these people that you're in school, and it's cool to wear the check of our shirts and all that stuff. And you're trying to be hip or whatever. And you're Bernie Sanders was so cool because you reminded me of your you mentioned you have your grandpa. And and you know, whatever it is it just did attack you attached to certain little things little glitches all feel the burn. Oh, it sounds so cute. Well, that sounds cute until you're actually getting burned. The bird kind of sucks. You know what I mean? Yeah. Till you're getting burned. And it's cool. But I want a lot of these individuals to sit there and think you're struggling you're trying to go to college yourself. Illegals are going to get to go before you. Open borders, medical care. They're going to get it before you. They're already getting it before you just. You really want that? I think a lot of individuals are day lean they're left leaning when they're in college. And then when all of a sudden you need to get a job, and you get one that pays well. And the leftist telling you, hey, yeah. You got a good job. And it pays Walsall. We want you to give some of the money. You're earning for the people that donor that well, you you run away from the left pretty damn quick. What all of a sudden, you gotta share your old hard money when people realize had to talk with my daughter, right? My daughter did not understand what was going on. When it comes to, you know, the elections and all that stuff it, right? What each representatives running for governor of the state of Arizona told her I said, well, you know, governor Ducey is this introducing, you know, you've got this other guy over here. Here's what the other guy who's thinking. Here's what he wants. When I told her college tuition for legal immigrants sh she listened to everything else. But when I told her that part she just about flew flew off the roof. I tell you because she's worked hard and wanted to go to college, but it can be difficult. But he's going to be made for somebody else that is here illegally. He would not a big fan of that. No. And that's I think that's what it takes. It takes word of mouth and people actually realizing what needs to be done. And that's why I think we've been so vocal on a lot of the dishes. We've been so Volk wanted -dorsements. It's just you have to make sure you get the right people in office. Speaking of endorsements. I got a phone card here today. Break it down the hatch act. How does art get away with endorsing? I'm gonna bring it down for you, folks. One. I am very open that I am representing the national border patrol council or the members of this union. Not the agency whom I work for that's number one too. I do not do it on government time. I do it on my own time three. I do not use any government equipment, nor anything that. I had purchased from our uniform supplier, not even socks. There's no hatchet, and I don't do it on government property nothing like that. So there you go folks, that's how I get away with it. That's how I do it. It's nothing that I'm getting away with. I'm just doing everything within the law. That's why it's important that you guys go out there and educate yourselves before you start jacking people and handing him over to internal affairs. But yeah, everything's on the up and up. I wanted everyone to know that because we start talking about -dorsements in righted. So President Trump during this conversation. He went ahead. And he announced that he was giving another forty two point four million for the high intensity drug trafficking areas program to attack the epidemic of the drugs and attack the local gangs and the drug lords..

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