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So we have do your it was before the holidays when everybody was upset about the battery and the iphone shutting down well now there's the setting that i promised you can go into the settings batteries screen and see the battery health of your device this is the witnessed screen i have ever seen on any apple product of all time yeah there's a there's a button that it's not a button but it works like one i know it's like a fake button very strange it's really weird it's like oh you compress peak performance capability but nothing happens it's very really yeah so i don't think i mean of course the media doesn't care about the story anymore apple promised the fix the fix here and i guess people are still going into rushing to the opera retail source together phones checked out i think it's good news that everybody can now go into sightings and confirm that the you know what the star of the batteries we have a arket one point five with some of the most born feature requests from the vela purrs vertical surface recognition so a arket canal recognize waltz and another objects of different shapes the resolution has increased and there is camera out of focus as with any apps using this stuff no yet which made me think about whether the the developer attention around these sort of no it's quieter now everybody will send him me damase in betas arket stuff becky nagas early september i don't know i guess maybe about a person need more time or i don't know i saw some numbers i think it was censored tower dion olympics firm about the total downloads of a arket ops so far something like thirteen million downloads of a architecture.

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