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No baseball is our national pastime and it's up to the eu from our country to keep that firestorm going not at top speed i am spotting seven thousand faithful fans hailed a guy who pitched shut out against obama fellow who once played some role ball themselves moya's imbalance lucky and sense of timing of a trained athlete hoffman were the difference between living and dying now as boys rich much speaking ahead and julie seconds golden era of sports some man just aside it all right i had a fling with professional baseball and now uh i'm i'm going to give that up uh and just get a degree cut a college degree and go in another field or even not cut a college degree in the do something else and i think one thing that uh motivated the change was those men who had gotten married and we're beginning to start families when harry housing returns from the war in nineteen 46 chile's didn't go to school on the bill wait until spring to return to the now relocated cornell pirates ponied uh he chose the former in a year he was married into he had a child he graduated 1949 others tried to get back in the day but found the brought back more from the warden they thought hilmar children who was in the canadian air forests was shot down over kiel germany and spent time in a prisoner of war care and after the war his mental toughness had been affected trouble concentrating people told me that he looked great before the game but wants to game began he had this problems you might have come back with your body intact put your mind might have been affected.

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