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And he replied is nNcholas nNcholas. It was it was possible or possibly nNcholas AJ was the different one. Ilan musk replied that. It was thirty percent. Thirty percent chance that the first the first human be the first being on Mars will be an intelligent machine. Now, I have to ask we'll that count. Does that count? I say what's the pet? I mean isn't the Rover of relatively intelligent machine. No, I think we're talking about like human level intelligence machine. Okay. So Elon Musk who thinks that humans are going to be on Mars within like four or five years thinks that there's a thirty percent chance that in that four or five year timeframe wind the first humans. Go to Mars, those humans will actually be some kind of artificial intelligence created by nNcholas I think I'm just going to throw this out there, Hank. I don't think he long musk has a great sense on when humans are going to get to Mars. He also said that he he himself has a seventy percent chance that he will go to Mars despite there being a good chance though. He did not give a a number two this chance that he will not survive the trip or long after arriving. That. Like a call for help. I think I'm I as you know, I'm concerned that I honestly I find that a little alarming, and I it's weird to me that other people don't, but God bless him. There's nothing like like guys given percentage chances to things like we know what we're talking about. I do that all the time where people are like, so so are you going to are you going to be in on time for for the shoot tomorrow? And I'm like I'd say probably like a forty two percent chance be there on time. As if I like that it seemed so right to me. Yeah. Chance the difference between a Europe percentage chances and Elon Musk's percentage chances is that in my experience years are pretty accurate. Whereas like if there was any way, I could make a very large bet against Elon Musk getting to Mars in his lifetime. At the odds like, you know, two and a half to one or whatever I would take that bet in a heartbeat. Whereas I do think there's about forty two percent chance you'll be at the sideshow shoot on time. I don't know, man. Well, you won't be right on time. You'll be like six minutes late. And then you'll be like. But you'll think you're on time. You know, you'll feel on time. Everybody will be like. Yeah. That's when we expected you to show up I need to be more respectful of people John and their time by arriving at the olive garden intend to gel when I said that I would. How is that place pronounce C N T A L what part of England is this? I think you're getting it John. Do you want to know some other place names from around this area because got more desperately true Walder tra- cine Trevi gin trib burger? Trillo tra- Lil is one. Also tricky also tr- jealous and Tra weather n- and true true. Weathe-? What's happening tra- lights, somebody explained this to me? Also, a place called Avraham around there. That's just otter ham. Imagine being the only like non trip lace on. You're like I'm from otter ham and everybody's like boo Audrey. But then you're like, but it's a town of otters. Everybody's like, oh, yeah. Never mind. That's cool. I like I would not be totally surprised if you told me that in England there is a little town. That is inhabited only by authors that has its own honor mayor and has its own autre church of England churches, and like they've got their own autre God, and the whole thing I would not like that seems within the realm of what I understand to be true about England plausible, I wanna move to cracking haven just so that I can live in cracking. Tin haven. I wanna move to England just so that I can be a servant of the Queen always dreamed of being just wanna be what are they called pupils students. Subjects subjects. I a subject of the Queen. Hey, it's been a pleasure to part with you here in the new year as the old saying goes next year informant. Okay. That's how it goes. If you wanna Email us your questions, please do that. We are at Hancock John g mail dot com. You can find John on Twitter, but he won't see it at John green..

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