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Hi everyone is sandy. Crews from sandy clean nutrition health and lifestyle queen and. I'm here to show you that balanced living works. This is a specially for all you ladies over forty. We will cover a range of exciting topics with many special guests. And i really look forward to the season for now. Hi everyone welcome to syndicate nutrition health and lifestyle queen today with me. I have dr bill lawrence. Some of you may have heard of him. Some of you might not have heard of him but he's doing some pretty cutting edge. Clinical studies two of them to be exact on long javadi and increasing health span along with life span. That's what we all want right. We all want to live long. But we all wanna live healthy without all of those really unappealing diseases like diabetes cancer heart disease all of those things that tend to happen as we reach midlife and beyond so dr bill lawrence will actually do part one of two for us today if you prefer to watch his webinar now some of you will find it much more enjoyable to watch his.

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