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Wcbm, Baltimore and wcbm dot com. They want more cuts. Jack Keller and Fox News, a group occupying a park adjacent to New York City, Hall says the kind of $1,000,000,000 from the NYPD these budget is insufficient. Are now refusing to leave. We spoke to unoccupied organizer who tells us it's not enough warning. The protests will only become more disrupted. We are still happy about the narrative of them taking away $1 billion out of the police budget. That's huge news for us and for the country that's unprecedented, but at the end of the day, we need something more radical, NYPD commissioner Dermot Shea says. Frankly, there were 18 shootings in one day this past weekend and they're shootings have gone up. Over 50% compared to this time last year. Crime is up in these budget cuts, according to McShea are going to make things significantly more challenging for the NYPD Fox's Brian Yet, as Los Angeles lawmakers voted to slash the city's police budget by 150 million, it will reallocate the money to social programs. 23 days after the occupation began of several blocks of downtown Seattle that city moving in to demolish the barricades and making a number of arrests on Wolfram asks, I think We've made over three dozen arrests for failure to disperse obstruction, assault and unlawful weapon possession in a few other crime police chief Carmen Best who says officers are once again staffing the police precinct, which they were ordered to abandon more than three weeks ago. President Trump now says he's open to the idea of wearing a mask to help slow the spread of the Corona virus, telling an interview with the Fox business Network. I'm all for masks. I think that I would wear if I were in a group of people and I was close, you would wear one No, I was I would have some states reimposing requirements to mask up in public record day on Wall Street is the NASDAQ closed up 95 points, closing a 10,154 the Dow closed 78 points. Lower Asian stock markets closing Thursday Higher America is listening to Fox News. There's never been a more critical time. Fox News media is bringing America together. America is watching News and fuels debate on Fox News General were invested in you from Wall Street to Main Street to your street with Fox Business. America is listening wherever you are.

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