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Today is national TI day targeted individuals and I figured it would be appropriate to talk about this because a lot of things have transpired with these red flag laws and the way they want to weaponize the psychiatry now in this country and how there are ways that you can make someone achieve cognitive dissonance with paranoia and stocking and all the things that come with being a target individual according to an official two thousand nine US department justice document release on stocking crimes in America thirteen point one percent of the three million three hundred ninety eight thousand six hundred and thirty U. S. citizens reports stocking crimes the United States department of justice stocky victimization survey in the year two thousand six alone they reported that they were being stalked by a group of three or more people so that amounts to well over four hundred and forty one thousand eight hundred people reported being subject to organize talking to the department justice survey alone in other words this report doesn't include all reportage organize stocking crimes the police F. B. I. in related authorities in two thousand six only those victims that happen to hear about and report to the United States department of justice stocking victimization survey in the year two thousand six in this official document adds irrefutable evidence irrefutable credence to the scale of organized stocking bits epidemic now and further proves a massive and widespread occurrence or come currents of the claims in the United States now mind you mind control devices and stocking every so advanced to condition the victim into submission there are simple things like a cell phone or they're simple things like a doorbell ring they're simple things like knocking at the door honking of horns by cars all of these things to wake you up in the middle of the night you're wondering what is at horn always honk at three in the morning why is that I'm always hearing this thing happened why is that person in the red shirt always walking down the streets I've never seen this person before who is this person if this person stocking make it you know we always hear of the electronic harassment there are other things so that would indicate that you're being stalked or you're being targeted doctor John Hall is with us tonight on ground zero and he is giving us the lowdown on what all of this gang stalking is in by Dr John holes a medical doctor he specializes anesthesiology's written some very good books on the subject matter Guinea pigs technologist control and a new breed satellite terrorism in America and and you know I brought that up because I think a lot of people you know I know that on my show I talk about all these what I would call black mirror scenarios where we're seeing how electronics are influencing our lives and then when we talk about electronic harassment we tend to think that well if I'm not anywhere near the internet of I'm not anywhere near this I'm not going to be affected that's not true is it now now that's not true I mean most a lot of this is satellite based in now that we're are done dealing five G. that's yourselves when satellite honor so you know five G. will be so many so many columns it's only towers that they'll be no escaping it but you're right on the physical aspect of this talking down to intimidate the victim of that is very common and it's like you said it's ringing the doorbell you know at three and four in the morning and then they leave or even just sitting in a car outside and this happens a lot member you'll have somebody just sitting in their car outside your home you know now I I live out in the country would be very obvious you have to drive a car road to do that to me but if you live in a normal neighbor and you see every night at midnight some guy pulls up at the end of your drive and sits on the curb in this car in you can call the police but the police can't do anything about it because as long as they're on a public roadway there they're perfectly within their right to do that but it still meant to freak you out and give you a state of anxiety another real common one is becomes a tell me well I I know they are on my house I could hear footsteps on the roof well I hired counter PI sexy surveil the domestic Gators that do this type of stock it in Texas so I did learn some of the techniques and one of the things that they would do is they would hire five or six people and they would come out at midnight to a victim's house and throw rocks on the roof well on a slanted roof when you throw a big enough rocket there it sounds like foot steps on a roof as it hangs its way down and off of the house in a live you know tell some of these victims would be to check for that and sure enough they would go into the backyard and they would find you know twenty you know three four inch in diameter stones you know back there were you know a group of people were just throwing rocks on the house and and that's meant to sleep deprived you look at the ultimate goal of the stocking and some of this is to draw you a psychiatric diagnosis so when you're home gets broken into and things are gone through and you know things are gone cigarettes are left in your house and you don't smoke things like that tiles or changed or you know maybe it may be an entire wall has been repainted in the initial thing is people think well it's a P. I. groups are coming and they're cutting hidden cameras and microphones and and they may be doing that but a lot of it is they want you to know that your house has been entered because when you call the police and you say well somebody got in but I don't see any signs of breaking and entering and they took all my shoes and they put him on the island in my kitchen and they painted this wall read it used to be one well the police the first thing they ask the victim is was anything stolen now they didn't steal it well you sure union lawyer shoes in there and you don't remember it for you you sure that this wall wasn't always read them I mean it it's it's meant to draw you a psychiatric diagnosis and also meant to alienate you called police help because after you call the police report times with these type of components on the computer at the police department they'll put a little last respects your name that you're one of those crazy people that think their microwave is attacking or things that somebody's breaking in but there's never been evidence of a break in you have to remember the people that are hired to do this are often former CIA informer at the I yeah they have the devices to open your garage they have the know how to pick your locks and breaking your door without kicking the door at and once you're under monitoring they also know the code your alarm so when they come in there they're going to you on set your your alarm if you have one and they're going to reset it back before you go I even had one victim dead when I help them we called one of the alarm companies it will monitor their alarm and they couldn't figure out why if the alarm was going off why nobody showing up well all the numbers that the alarm company had been changed by one so when the alarm would go off their cell phone number was off by one digit the police number was off by one digit the fire number one off by one digit so even if they tripped the alarm the alarm was going to call anybody that was going to help that person what about fishing schemes for harassment because I know that you know most people don't think twice about if somebody calls up they sound like they're authoritative and they say something like we need information about this could you give us your phone number could you give us this he would just for verification I would say no if you called me you know my phone number if you could if you called me you know this information I'm not going to give it to you because what they do is they record the conversations and they find ways to use your voice in order to order things you didn't order or the use your voice in order to sign you up for things that you didn't sign up for and so then you find yourself in a situation where you're wondering why you're getting all this stuff for you getting all this junk mail you're wondering why you're getting all these harassing phone calls it's because somebody used to you in and they and they use of forty to get your information from you and once they have the the information they can do whatever they want to you yeah I left the stadium and the often times the elderly really fall for badly it in the bad thing with today's society is it's they've made it almost impossible not to pay some of your bills online and and not to have to order some things online and I have that held out against that for years and finally had to break down and you know and get that one special credit card that you keep a two hundred dollar limit on it strictly to order stuff online so that way when you use a number you don't get your entire account cleaned out if you use a debit card or something I mean the assault on our privacy is it is to a point where there is there's almost no way to defeat it you know and we're we're fighting a tragical government now that I said all along again even ten years ago after my first book came out people civil what's the ultimate goal with this why would they want to do this to people well the ultimate goal is to control the entire population you know as you can see from where we're at now you know we whether you hate Trumper love problem you're Democrat or Republican it doesn't matter but when you sing it the president get elected it's not a status quo politician and may actually turn the entire intelligence apparatus of the American government out against that president to try to figure out a way to get in and peach which also I think is one of the reasons that they have the attack on the Cuban embassy they're trying to blame that on the Russians I don't think if the Russians the Russians know how many nails or work more built into that building right and they have and they have a low tech you know technology in there to to scan that they needed me to attack exactly you know what we're at a point where we need to take control of our government most certainly we need to be able to expose the fact of these weapons exist and they can be turned on people in a given.

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