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Meteorologist Brad Martin and the W B A P Weather center. Well, summer's gonna and kind of with a bang today with a high near 100 wins out of the southwest 15 to 20 and gusty. We have seen some light returns on radars off to the northwest of us, but they're meaningless at this point. If there's just mainly cloud not really moisture and whatever is out there is going to evaporate for hits the ground 100 near that for the high Today low tonight 75 Cold front reaches us mid morning tomorrow, Maybe after a few clouds and some spotty showers and then gusty north winds the rest of the day right now at W B a P. 76 degrees The United States is in the process of flying. Thousands of Haitians camped in Del Rio back to their country and are blocking others from crossing the Texas Mexico border. As Border patrol continues to relocate and process. Some of the migrants gathered under a bridge in Del Rio, chief of U. S. Border Parole patrol. Raul Ortiz explains why he thinks the group gathered at this particular border crossing Haitians. And folks from Western Africa traditionally cross in the dayroom sector area because they have known individuals previously have crossed in this area. They say the community across the border in Acuna is relatively safe and so traditionally because of water mouth The US is planning seven flights daily to Haiti. In addition to the expulsions, the US closed part of the Texas Mexico border amid the surge, U. S Border Patrol is hiring civilians to perform migrant processing tasks, an effort to free up agents to return to the field. The agency says employees been about 40% of their time checking holding cells and collecting immigrant formacion for immigration court papers that are unrelated to border security. The federal Police Agency graduated its first class of processing coordinators in January with the goal of eventually hiring 1200. Now we'll check on taxes Business sponsored by the law office of Nick Nemeth here, Spencer McGowan from Network Radio. Updated numbers on the global economic recovery revised estimates from the World Bank this summer. The global recovery at 5.6% this year it's the global economy 2% bigger than before the pandemic leading the way this year. United States 6.8% Growth India 8.3% China Still at the top at 8.5% next year, the Growth rates slow to about 4%. The Middle East is the lagging region it just about 2.5% growth this year. I'm Spencer McGowan President McGowan Group Network radio dot com. From the WB up news desk. I'm Nicolo say your next update is at 8 24 7 coverage at w b a p dot com.

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