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Policy. A full. England. So in Wales, it's government. A smaller the next government level I would say in your way, it's the equivalent of state government. On, a state legislature the. So the first. minister. Appoints is common in the same way as prime minister on its. They're all answerable to the. You, know the people 'cause. State is elected by the Queen actually. In Wales because technically in Wales the Prince of Wales. Because Wales his apprentice apology of England. they haven't ready. Yes. Constant. Salted the constitutional But it's all fun. For me anyway yeah. So. Yet DVD. Happened of a twenty. One years ago. So up until then it was or done by London. Several London dictated everything are. Or? or off the country even though we all full separate countries about me sites to. The UK sin. Is Full Shepherd countries, England Wales Scotland, the Nola night, and they help advise we have the overseas territories such as the Djibril Thursday overseas territory power BMI. An we'll talk about go armed sees of these islands. His self rather than to the UK government and their orbits the same way so gets everything could come. Them. Then when people kept leaving the UK, it was decided Wyatt Company have your. Such Scotland. Noel you know eyelid. Reunite. Northern. Ireland reindicted with the Allied and then Wales leaving it would be a union anymore would. Offer. The rest. was decided to offer a referendum. Own, how we would in future governments of it and the Welsh people decided that some decisions so devolved area. Education Trump spoke. New. There are some taxation in. This a couple things. All different parts of think Citians that could jared whales. By people full. Wales. So before then like I mentioned this decision making in London in Whitehall on there was no guaranteed person who is making these decisions actually came for Wales actually knew the area. Of whether they will make a decision full the UK although. Dave very different. So the Welsh way of life is the vary friendy where very friendly people. English way of like the very abrupt up makes sense. starfish way of like unstop these people are mainly known as very tight with money so they don't like spending money. A Welshman. Be. Saying this shouldn't ready. We're in the middle of sixty the waiting a six nations rugby when you know or the nations in the UK technically saw played each other along with Italy and France So this is saying this time an Englishman is rocked a Welshman is would give you know. What I mean we were walking on the street, and if you need that, we will give it to Europe and then the scope. Will try attacks on the. If that makes sense. It's about keeping the money here. But even should went away because thousand. Seven although Scotland, had power be of a control laws. It's resource. Jared ways we don't control our own judiciary or on. A police force there is talk of allowing us to do this. So read effectively in Wales our country stood on the because. You know even the states in America and troll their own digital system on the road. In Wales there on simple. Still to this day. So many of the rules coming of colleagues of a about this lock. Actually being reiterated by London. So it's bringing into question and devotion still. With. A pandemic. So in time like in see. The English government GONNA have to. Give the judiciary. To Wales itself like they have to do above stuff. So I can see the pay having federalized federalized within the next twenty goes. It's something that should have been done a very. Deviation has its roles so there were story about the time of the trump state visit. The. Conservative, government wants to sell the jets. To American pharmaceutical. Now the government would have a very hard trump's. Of Hard time doing that in the United Kingdom because like I've pointed out to consider its own control, one of the full, any S.'S So, the NHS although you hear about national, Health Actually. You're in Wales called any Jess Wales any you just coming. In. Scotland. startled in overnight island now, each of these. and addresses of default administration's not looking at England. They unsearchable to that own government minister in my country they're also answerable to the legislature. The assembly here in Wales about the renamed the Senate So so Welsh Stash English name full. Hour. A baking chamber his. Scotland there will to Scottish, parliament inova nine answerable to the executive. Of the executive, the other one, the northern. Irish Assembly. In England only answerable to their on spoke to the UK government. So You see someone. His name's Hancock as They probably go news as you've Kingdoms Health Minister. Isn't really that you might. He isn't really the United Kingdom's House, Minister? A something the chief medical officer. Always. Be mentioned. He actually isn't the chief medical officer of the United Kingdom is the chief mental upset England in Wales. We have our own chief L. officer chief scientific advisor. The only thing is a the moment that working together as a threes in a union..

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