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Like cosmetically i wrote in recorded that saw non now like would not i didn't writer recorded but like us sunday that that's it i'm same thing else in writer recorded i know but i am the reason that it that is the thanks to me for making it or creating it like you're so grandi nobody knows who made the mona lisa leno who clearly know who the lady is the the exact opposite it's not called whatever the artist to us you don't know who was in into some ship jesus christ and then so and then they call it the mona lisa right of end you know why they call it the mona lisa a though because i'll tell you why because the person in it the hot the girl with the hawkin girl there the girl that the tits on it which was called it was her name was actually mona in her on little is they don't know what it is like a theory that it might be right here but i'm saying like it's better to inspire art than to makeshit your bed the through if you wanna know who wrote that song for whatever reason the fucking picasso or whatever let not even picasso because that's a good artist the guy who made that usually precautions good go made that shitty song was gone with you like gaza of timmy badger from taunton england so thanks thank you me and thanks to me.

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