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The garden of remembrance feel free to just stroll around the park and enjoy its solemn atmosphere and the many layers of its powerful symbolism. This garden of remembrance remembers all the people who gave their lives for irish freedom. Think of all the failed irish rebellions seventeen ninety eight eighteen o three eighteen forty eight eighteen sixty seven plus all those politicians who lobbied for peaceful change daniel. O'connell william o'brien james larkin patrick pierce charles. Par now and so many more. This park was dedicated in nineteen. Sixty six the fiftieth anniversary of the nineteen sixteen easter rising and it was built on the exact spot where that easter rising's leaders were hell before being transferred to kilmainham gaol and their execution. The parks symbolism goes. Even deeper. the long pool is in the shape of a cross. Recognising ireland's christian heritage the mosaic on the bottom of the pool go back even farther to ireland's ancient celtic roots. The wave patterns make the pond looked like one of ireland's timeless rivers other mosaics depict old celtic swords and shields. These are symbolic of ireland's proud fighting heritage. They also represent how those early irish warriors eventually proclaimed peace with their ritual of throwing their weapons into a river. Modern ireland has made a point of embracing. Its celtic heritage. The gaelic language traditional legends have been revived and nineteen thirty seven. The irish people even adopted a new name for their country from the old celtic language. They called it era. Now check out the bronze statue. At the end of the pool up the stairs the statue depicts four siblings representing the people of ireland. They look like they're twisting and agony. They're in the midst of the painful process of transforming from ordinary mortals to beautiful swans. It refers to that line from the yeats poem about the nineteen sixteen easter rising out despite the violence of revolution. Something good comes from it. A terrible beauty is born on the wall. Nearby is another palm. It begins in the darkness of despair. We saw a vision. We let the light of hope and the poem ends. The vision became a reality. Winter became summer bondage. Became freedom and this we left you as your inheritance. Oh generations of freedom remember us the generations of division one of modern ireland's most stirring moments occurred here in twenty eleven when queen elizabeth. The second came to ireland. She laid a wreath at the statue and bowed her head in silence. It was a remarkable show of respect for the irish rebels rebels who had fought and died trying to gain freedom from her own united kingdom. This was a hugely cathartic moment for both nations. Thanks to ireland's rebels and thanks to its visionaries. Many of whom we met on this walk. Today's independent ireland was born though the irish nation still has its struggles. It's now going about them in a more peaceful way. Let's finish our walk. Pondering the flag of ireland that flies overhead the symbolism is telling green for catholics orange for protestants and white for the hope that they can all live together in peace. We hope you've enjoyed our dublin. Walk part to thanks to the co authors at this tour pat o'connor and jeanne openshaw to see more of dublin check out our companion tour dublin. Walk part one. This tour was excerpted from the rick. Steves ireland guidebook co-authored with pat o'connor for more details on eating sleeping and sightseeing and dublin and ireland referred to the latest edition of that guidebook for more free audio tours and information about our tv shows. Bus tours and travel air visit our website. At rick steves dot com. This tour was produced by cedar house. Audio productions thanks cheers and happy travels..

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