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Oh, my gosh. Well, I read that there was one area of Geordies life that you thought was like the representation of that area on, you know, was lacking on the show and you said it was his sexuality is romantic life? Yeah, it always rubbed me the wrong way. If you really look at it, Jordi is a black man was the only member of that crew that wouldn't have in sex? Right? Klingon was having sex. Troy was having sex Reicher had sex with everything moving. That's true. But card was always getting some data had sex with tasha Yar Jordan couldn't get any for me. That was a sub-conscious omission. Yeah. We all have our native biases whether we are aware of them are not. And on a writing staff and creative staff of all white men did it surprise me? No. Do I believe they were conscious of probably not. What do you think that viewers would have gotten out of seeing. Jordy in more romantic situations, they would have, I think, gotten some of of that unconscious information that that sexuality is a normal part of this man's experience to directed a lot of episodes of deep space nine. And I happened to direct an episode where we had a romantic seem, then it was really important for me to portray this moment depict this moment with tenderness and Loveliness and ease and grace and humor. That was an image of black love that I hadn't seen enough of in in my television diet through of my life. So I want that to be a part of the lexicon. I'm wondering what images did you see growing up that you, you know that you saw but wanted to sort of move beyond or correct for when you were thinking of your portrayal of Geordie? That's exactly it. I didn't see a lot of positive images of black masculinity. In the media growing up. And so I felt it was given an opportunity, my responsibility to try and create some. It's so key that you said black masculinity, because when I think of Geordie, I think if somebody who is an actual leader, I think somebody who has a sense of humor, somebody who's highly capable, but also somebody with a kind heart and it's rare that you see all of those qualities together when you think about media portrayals of of black, masculinity and I think it's so key that you made that specific distinction. It has been one of the joys of my professional career genuinely playing playing this character. Sorry. I'm just like, I'm having all these memories of be walking around my mom's headbands over my eyes..

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