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S. census bureau good morning it's eight oh three on the morning drive with Casey NW a tropical weather on the threes was charged with appear to be fired just dispatching an accident on ninety five in the city but looking between the city county line and down towards the arbutus side haven't seen anything yet so what will we get an update from them in the meantime for traveling ninety five in the city heads up for that the accident Baltimore highlands was minor Annapolis road at Virginia Avenue medic call in the city for riding for a shooting sixteen hundred block of druid hill Avenue I'm Chuck would occur with traffic and weather on the threes on talk radio six eighty WCBS it is time to get outside to soak up some of that sunshine get a dose of vitamin D. courtesy of mother nature and if you can't do it today you've got the rest of the weekend as well your sixty this afternoon partly cloudy tomorrow and temperatures again near sixty I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty WCBS Faisal has forty five degree is middle river forty six Baltimore forty nine on talk radio six eighty W. CBM here's all the stores were talking about this morning on the morning drive Merlot's delegation to Washington DC pushing FEMA for urgent medical supplies needed in the fight for against that is covert nineteen Maryland board of elections are recommending at least one in person voting center per district L. character already there investigating a double murder news being brought to you by the twenty twenty senses dot gov every man woman and child in the US is counted every ten years here's the census.

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