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Your traffic. By helicopter, Eric four forty three. Number two highway seventy eight right now. How 'bout freeways? Right there at the park entrance a left lane. Later. I do not what Mike Mike what I see. Triple team traffic alerts have dark red back before mountain industrial boulevard highway and Memorial Drive. Those are your alternates. Five just plant extra jive west at south down. The loop is gonna take you almost an hour. Abor take it that route around to the airport. The slow Goswell road at sandy springs. Takes over an hour to give sandy springs. Exit forty three Eric. Thank you very much. Okay. So here is who the abortion group is targeting. Sharon Cooper, Chuck Martin Brooks, Coleman, David Clarke. Are you do you really think you're going to browbeat David Clarke into into opposing pro-life legislation? Good grief, Brett Herrell, Marcus. We our Matt Jackson heath Clark and Gerald green. They they are the ones who rallies targeting and wanting to beat up. So keep that in mind. Sharon Cooper, Chuck Martin Brooks Coleman. David Clarke, bread, herald, Marcus. We'd our MAC Jackson. Heath Clark, Gerald green those are rouse targets. So these are all good people, and you need to shave they're coming under enormous pressure from natural. So you probably want to pet them on the back, and and tell them keep up the fight and please vote for the legislation. Also, ed. Renders riders. I have no idea how you pronounce last name. I'm sorry. Ed, Butch parish met dubbed, Nick. Houston gains and Ron Stevens. They are not wavering. But they are being targeted. So just just make sure they know you love them. It is important. I think to tell these people to keep up the good work, and please support this legislation because they're getting inundated. With progressive activists. Many of them from out of state, you should know a lot of the progressive activists who are calling the pro-abortion groups they do this. They organized people from out of state and assign them in state addresses. So they can claim to be constituents. And so they get overwhelmed with people who don't even live in the state claiming they live at the state say give me your address to verify. And they give them a local address that it may or may not be there. But that's what pro a lot of these progressive groups do such as the abortion groups. It's the gay rights groups. It's the abortion groups on the left they tend to do this. So you you get overwhelmed with people who are sitting in their boxer shorts in Brooklyn, New York colon in plain and the live here and give you an address and basically. Ginned up the mob across across across the country. So we want these people to stand firm now onto other state legislative issues. There is the hate crimes legislation that's been pending. It looks like it is dead. Thank goodness. I gotta tell you. I was a Email with a friend of mine the other day who is undoubtedly conservative, but he support take crime flagellation, and he's tried to convince me, and I'm not convinced I oppose hate crimes legislation philosophically. I do not think we should have hate crimes legislation. I think when you commit a violent crime against someone hate is part of the motivation. And I don't think you should be tacked on for your thoughts. In addition to your actions because there are a lot of people who ate a lot of people. I know the angry mill from people hate me. We got a lot of hate listeners out there who who hate me loved listen to hate me. And they shouldn't be they shouldn't be accused of a crime for Haiti me, no one should be accused of thought crime. And that's essentially what hate crimes are. I'm philosophically opposed to him. That legislation was pending in the state legislature. It looks like the hate crimes legislation is going to die. Thank goodness. Evening news with Eric Erickson local voice, beginning at four o'clock every day on WSB. Four forty seven travel advisory WSB, I'm over the snow mountain freeway and I see the distance lachey traffic. It starts before belted industrial last checked.

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