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By nitsa Chip Franklin three to 6 and John rothman 6 to 9 This is KG O San Francisco a cumulus station From ABC News I'm Dave packer The booster rollout across America is in high gear now that the third Pfizer shot in the arm has CDC approval for those 65 and older or with special conditions But as ABCs fill up out reports the third shot in the arms is not a way out of the pandemic Well federal health officials agree boosters are important for certain parts of the population CDC director Rochelle Walensky says the focus is still on vaccinating the unvaccinated More than 70 million Americans have not yet received a first shot of the vaccine I want to be clear We will not boost our way out of this pandemic Infections among the unvaccinated continue to fuel this pandemic Walensky says the vaccine boosters offer added protection for those breakthrough cases In New York City a federal judge temporarily blocking a vaccine mandate for public school employees it was supposed to go into effect on Monday a three judge panel will review the measure Crisis management after the migrant and controversy in a border town in Texas the camps are now cleared but President Biden remains under fire for keeping in place Trump era immigration policies to The White House and ABC's Mary Alice parks Despite outcries from fellow Democrats and unstable conditions on the ground in Haiti some 2000 Haitian migrants have already been flown out of the country in the last few days Homeland Security secretary Alejandro mayorkas defending those expulsions They are driven by a public health imperative More than 17,000 remain in the country Many now awaiting court dates to plea their asylum case The manhunt continues this weekend in southern Florida for Brian laundry the boyfriend of Gabi petito the 22 year old woman who went missing on a cross country trip and authorities confirmed as the body discovered on Sunday in the bridger teton national forest in Wyoming Northport Florida police commander Joe for sale This is wearing.

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