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Be watching that tomorrow night running on Pete alarms over my New York Mets as we check New Jersey fast traffic about that situation on route seventy eight they tell us that the eastbound side is still closed at exit seven that's where the Tory off enforcing on a route one seventy three which runs parallel with seventy eight so coming in from Warren County into Hunterdon county police kicking just east of exit three and it's a good three mile crawl getting up to exit number seven of the folks who are already east of exit seven never stuck in that stand still for close to an hour and a half it appears that they are trying to fin that out now between exit seven and eleven again we did have the very serious crash reported out by exit eleven at the expense of a seventy eight shut down again for a good hour and thirty minutes so it looks like for those folks they are moving I'm taking a look at this camera right now I do see traffic moving albeit very slowly in that he's been direction but for the time being it appears you will be able to travel further east than exit seven so we'll keep you posted on all this clears but again a very serious wreck we had met of acts on scene enough folks had to go to the hospital with very serious injuries if you're coming home from the shore it's not bad at all on the parkway north mentally free from the Toms River tolls all the way up in the union although it looks like we might have an incident here right around the Toms River tolls in fact I'm just getting rid of a vehicle fire northbound coming into the toll plaza once you get north of the toll plaza though looks like we're in pretty good shape up and a break and then a further north no delays up to the Driskell bridge at the George Washington bridge still a good thirty five to forty minute wait to leave New Jersey upper deck lower deck about twenty five to thirty Lincoln tunnel not bad around the helix just a slow dance continue through that construction how into looks like your best bet right now just about a five to ten minute wait from either approach and just a minor slowdowns at the outer bridge in the gospels bridge traffic every fifteen minutes next report nine oh three I'm Jeff from a New Jersey one a one point five traffic made possible by a absolute lemming heating air sewer and drain cleaning V. number one choice for all of your home service needs call today save big on a total AC.

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