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Much time input come much weight on combine drills all they really are drills to see these gardens still in shape probably one min make sure these guys are still locked in and focus but when you look at this drought in many years in even when you're part of the game you knew that number one spot eight out of ten times as the worst team in the national football league sometimes it can fall that way because you lose if he played but may not be a bad organisation but cincinnati cleveland has won that award for overall over some time of being one of the worst teams in many many years when you see that would you take a quarterback and build around him which we know traditionally that's been the case or this kid sick warren bardsley and maybe grab a quarterback at the fort spot and building often salon around them both i got a cop car quota i really do because i mean let's focus on cleveland one for a minute cleveland house to solve that quarterback situation there he they've that's they got to solve it and you're right you know you know best all of us um you gotta have an offense of lying you've got to have a running game it takes more than just a quarterback to turn something around if they believe that there is a quarterback there that can solve their problems then take on now i don't know if that's their analysis and i do understand the value of that fact but if they believe there's a guy that they can gravel right off the bat that is going to put that empty whole you know fill the hole put the issue the rest take them if they're not sold on them you know take barkley or think of that trading that pick and amassing more but but here's the problem if you're gonna wanna math even more picks and they have you.

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