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T. J. Reynolds to right field Wrong homer in the bottom of the sixth went into the hands of an excited fan in the right field seats at Great American Ballpark. Knowing how important of first major League it is. Dodgers right fielder Mookie Betts went to the wall and asked the family For the ball back. Freedom couldn't believe it is first class is it's incredible just for him to do something like that is definitely just world class from the fan didn't go home and he handed though bets traded him a bat for that ball. Stacey Lynn CBS News and that name may ring a bell with you. T. J. Friedel's spent a good portion of this season on the roster of the Louisville bats. Your next news update is at seven. I'm Will Clark news radio A 40. W. H s. One is 6 35 at NewsRadio, a 40 W H s. And do we know where our host is? I think he's locked in the bathroom. Lose his way back from the bathroom. Has anybody seen our host Tony? Tony Tony curse. Hello, Paging Tony actually get on the overhead aging. Toni Kroos. Toni Kroos. Five. All right, we'll just if you go to the wrong studio, what happened? That was three minutes. That's as long as it's supposed to be. Usually go. Four minutes. Thanks. Got it. Dad. Gum it, Dad. Gum in their words. Probably about in the late. Great Bobby about what was your kicker story? I'm sorry, Mr Kicker. Was it watching? Because you were in the wrong studio?.

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