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Country's judiciary in september two thousand and fifteen elements of the old presidential guard briefly to hostage some members of the transitional government the coup backfired because if street protests supported by the army at least fourteen people died and over two hundred were injured in the unrest leyla at euro vi reporting there the bbc has learned that syrian women hoping sexually exploited by local men delivering aid on behalf of the united nations and international charities to humanitarian agencies warned about the abuse in 2015 but a un report shows that hate is still being exchanged for sex in the south of the country his adequate matic correspondent james lando southern syria is dangerous for international charters so some use local partners to deliver aid that the bbc's learned that men from these socalled local councils of bisexual exploiting refugees offering women extra bags of grain in return for sex or denying them any if they refuse to charities care and the international rescue committee wound about this abuse three years ago but a report from the un population fund last year confirmed it was still taking place daniel spencer the humanitarian adviser who first raised concerns said the sect to her turned a blind eye to ensure some age got through sexual exploitation and a piece of women and girls has been nine about and it's been ignored for seven years the un and the system as it currently sons have chosen for women's buddies t be sacrificed she said the exportation pursue widespread but some syrian women refused to go to distribution centres because people would assume that offered their bodies for eight un agencies and charges approach by the bbc said they had zero tolerance of exploitation but will not aware of any cases of abuse by partner organisations in the region james lando to the us now and president trump has said he would have run into the florida high school where seventeen people were shot dead earlier this month even if he was not armed he also criticised the police the not confronting the gunman saying the way some offices had responded was a disgrace and with america corresponded nick bryant reports the gun to vie continues to dominate the political discourse in washington often off the mass shootings the.

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