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Differing Senate KCBS editor's desk I health advocacy nonprofit is trying a creative approach to getting people engaged about building a healthier future KCBS is penny rising takes a look at a new free ebook dropping soon involving fiction it's called take us to a better place stories it's a joint project between the Robert wood Johnson foundation in Melcher media the foundation's Dr Michael painter says it's a compilation of short stories by noted fiction writers each of the story is about a better place and it's fascinating to see that painter says they didn't ask for that I also didn't really ask them to necessarily right about up a utopian or better future necessarily although hoping everybody didn't sort of end up in a dystopian place bay area author oxy obey Haas said she was a bit skeptical when first approached my first sort of feeling upload the door was that's great it sounds like a really necessary important books but I'm not sure I'm a girl she says she's happy with the rapper one of ten wide ranging short stories designed to inspire broad conversations about the culture of help available January twenty first Patty rising KCBS is the best news time ten fifty one some recent moves by bay area businesses may be easing concerns that robot so when they take over the service industry his message Jennifer Hodges reports it's the robot sewer getting the boot I pizzeria and three local coffee shops that have been using robots in their business have close their doors it's just not getting to the levels of savings and cost that people were regional envisioning and frankly if they look at it deep enough they would have realized it wasn't going to happen with the plants they had and that's what's happening currently robotic companies that we're talking about here in the bay area spread celebs is the.

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