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McCarthy. I volley. Explodes. George markle. Reconnect because your phone is cutting in and out there, trying to get it works. All right. Let's back. Now, maybe, maybe you have to lick your hands or you better. I don't know. What you're saying. Basically, the summarizes he's using the term McCarthyism which fact was based on reality. Not an delusion McCarthy wasn't delusional Lizzy. No, no. And there's a book American three treat from victory there so much solid. Inference and it was communist program in order to, and they created the very term McCarthyism in, in order to create what they said was, you know, false, accusations and McCarthy was dad. Right. And when the known papers came out, he was more than dead. Right. And I. Tucker carlson. And I see, you know, are using McCarthy is and starkly and the wrong, you know of far as Rasa tude. Absolutely wrong. Joseph McCarthy was dead. Right, right. Here's the problem. Icy. And it's something I've noticed even over the last number months, trying to get in contact with the president over my laser net in from dri, my classified information that I have regarding missile defense. There's a lot of barriers out there. The people around Trump, but people in media, even when contact people regarding movies, for example, like the movie unforgiven started planned the plan. Movie, I contacted the pro-life group here in California from the pro-life league of southern California. It turns up their Catholic and this fine because they're more pro Catholics are pro-life so-called process. But when I contacted them, some of their media person in Florida, I went on your site, and it said that you said that the pope is a globalist that's obvious. I said you wanna argue it and you want to factor, you want me to be delusional light you so I on the show. Now the fact is, well, we can't have you on. We can't come on your show. I said, I'm pro-life. You're pro-life. You want this to be brought forward. So we get rid of Rovers weight and protect the board before the human race starts getting genetically hybridize with animals and machines to only make humorous fade into non existence people realize there's an endgame to this. And the problem is the end game is just on the left. People think it's all just the Democrats. No, it's not. It's on the right to, they don't care, which way they get it was like a snake pushing against himself. They just wanted to get to the other side of whatever their their goal is by a snake pushing against himself. And that's what you dot as you saw this Gipson. You know. Encase out of Hollywood because of his. Inebriation I guess from moon shadows. In fact, when they went down to attend Anthony j hill, this memorial stopped by moon shadows. I had a girlfriend that worked worked there and she reminded me of that Holland, oats song, little rich girl. But anyway, you know, we, we I don't know Sarah for a while. And I noticed that the local paper, even when recently when we went down that project realty took up half the page, but she he's worked at moon, shadows. But at men shadows Mel Gibson was handcuffed and taken away in squad car, and his comments about the Jewish involvement Zionist, or whatever it was. Yeah. You need headphones right away. Because you can't have speak rod. And you can't hear the. CD

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