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Much. As he's at captain. Web Link. To six. Six years three entertainment. Now the three ninety nine. He's here now so that. A you set up a bitch. yeah, people man. I You know. Somebody I think it's TJ somebody's spokesman. We really as much as we might be speaking truth and people. Said about some of the things we talked about tonight. All these guys just Liberal Racist Militant folks, Ray and it got that poor. White Guy brainwashed. Who Matt? I just want people is so stupid. Man Racism in any of the `ISMs that they're so stupid man. It just takes so much effort. Why why Brunel that effort. You be so hateful. It's the same principle of like you know. You've been mad, but you've got to drive somewhere. And then by the time you get to your destination. Nothing really that mad anymore. How can you just be mad that entire drive the way you get in the house when you go on and do different things like hanger? Stay mad at people. You don't talk to them. Then, you get to build that up in your head why you're mad and hold onto it and you do long enough. It becomes part of your identity. But if you're mad at somebody, and you actually talked to them, then you kind of have to see them as a human being, and the gets worked out. That's that's why people will hold grudges for so long because he's wanting to talk to the other person. And you'll see them. No, but I also think people capitalize on them, and they keep that that going. They incentivize you know just let a fucking firecracker hundred to keep it up there because of certain people in power people in the media. That's how it continues on. Yeah. I, tell you man I wouldn't be the personnel and hang around different people different believes in different races. I mean he's become such. A more full fledged person man without different experiences. Well Are Racist A. Lot of them to sound stupid because they just hanging around the same dumped shin. Fakoya Martin Chris and TJ. This is up Nick Lousy I. Really appreciate the discussion on today's show. Conversation needs to be had. Something needs to be said Corey. The Passion you showed during the segment was amazing. I felt everywhere. Thank you. You toying around with no another twelve hours stream, I was wondering. Maybe you would be interested in doing twelve hour stream to raise money for charity, and those twitch streamers a follow a doing charity streams to raise money for organizations in Minnesota our own local organizations that fight against police brutality I. think it'd be cool way to raise money for a good cause that is a great idea is a great idea. That's a great idea. It could be a thing where we not only just array subs sales, but also raise money for. A real telephone. Yeah, yeah! Of, course we'll be another two or three months before we do it, but at the time I'm sure. We'll. Be another riot. Yeah, exactly. Maybe do for the dumbest Kobe victims that were out there partying and. Now. They had no I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding I. Watched more at the cooped. Up talking about. Corona like I can't get it I can get just as easily. Angus met. Clinton's would do to emails and. Clements. Big from Australia was watching your thoughts on the whole Minneapolis thing. Obviously, the racism factors very real thing, but also want to point out how aggressive US policies are in general, compared to other countries here, Australia. We have COP. Reality shows in news from all over the world. It isn't saying how much more violent the ones from the US are. Those guys always creep in tackling guys to the ground like there's some sort of action movie. Yes, WE'RE SALES, hell! Yeah, that's why they join the force. How many years at show cops was on a reality show voice at boys? Yeah, and you and you see cops be an assholes and bullies, but to them. They always saw themselves as the here heroes in it is crazy man. But that's what people wash. Because we watching we must have been watching like cop. Action shows or something like you said, and you know what you make a great point, Angus because My wife talked about the cops and Turkey and she said that. I don't know what. COPS ARE You know. They got a go around chest thumping all the time. She's like cops in Turkey. Just just cool, you know they just sit back and they talked to people. You know I mean anybody was going to have a moment of two, but she said the not aggressive here. Tell you something about that man. Compare that to something like New Zealand or something where? It's crazy. How different they respond to similar situations. Obviously, those police forces still have their problems. American cops just seem ridiculous. Ridiculously violent at times thanks heaps. Let me explain on that. America really has to come to grips with what has problems of racism in order to get through with his option, too, because that's where a lot of comes from cops, there's a lack of diversity within the. Precincts and COPS? They see again. They don't have the same interactions as you do your pretty much a place where it's kind of mostly. People who look alike you got some people. Come over there. You know you got like in Australia. You know you got the indigenous people. Get the aborigines. You have the people from Asia who you know coming over there, but you know. I. Think you have the? Same Level of racism that we do here man The systematic level of racism that we have here. This country has actively aggressively. He has that. CLUMSILY Drunkenly. Have opted to keep black people. In poor. The redlining Jim Crow? Slavery. you know the There's always been this thing of us. Stay over there, and you do not have as much as we do. For whatever reason. Sense of.

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