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Plus hotel and conference centre four four pilic avenue laporte two there were back with dr bob winters with the break talking about sleep in relationship to other things that you do for your game practice ed etc and as doc said it's all about balance so how does somebody balance because some people said again require a little leslie but they require more exercise or vice versa an odd combination this up so how does one find their balance i playgie gandhi coming back keno to everybody is their own control everybody in their own now so to speak so you have to write a own scoring i always love story i think it was sam snead uh claim goal against ben hogan aunt sanski but skill down in the loud jerry and having a few drinks with some of the local uh members and one of the most give up the slums need about nine nine he said i understand your mr hogan you know went to bed about an hour here you are still often about since it out the benz not sleeping okay you know so the point of it was no matter how early just go to bed you just why it bet you know a sort of thinking about the day you know tossing and turning i mean we all have the best lee clans but i think some people uh be disorder wind down sort of veggies out of the television said if they all go to sleep pro the television.

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