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Ten WTVN. Alison wyant. It was a somber day in Lancaster as a local soldier was laid to rest today. Brothers in arms paying tribute to one of their own army specialist Joseph Colletti. Really really touches me deeply brand doesn't know the Colletti family. But he and his wife attended the funeral. They say they have a special place in their hearts for the young soldier who gave his life spent twenty two years in the military in this young man who is twenty nine years old. And from this town. Sacrificed. Everything for what we have in this country. There is much that you can do, but you can go out and show your support for the family, and you know, just just a way of showing everybody that you understand exactly what their son gape for this country. The army says he was posthumously promoted from specialist to sergeant Colletti two different drug houses on different sides of town event shutdown this week by Columbus city, attorney Zach Klein the properties are on Oakley avenue on the west side. And in the south of main neighborhood off a Fairwood avenue one year after Ohio State officially acknowledged the allegations against a now deceased athletics. Physician victims are still waiting for answers fifth of two thousand eighteen was one the university recognized the investigation into Dr Richard Strauss. With over one hundred fifty former students and student athletes coming forward to tell their stories of sexual abuse. Others been no fun were from ocean. On the matter two different lawsuits now heading into mediation. And a federal agency has launched a probe into the university's response. Dr Strauss worked at the school from nineteen seventy nine one thousand nine hundred seven and saw student. Anthony's that participated.

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