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Held serve for the game but for doug peterson he gets to have all of v i told you so of that parent but send you off to college and cg staying with your significant other from high school it tries to tell you what hey like you probably wanna think about this like college not necessarily the place wanted to do that doesn't always work out but no mom and dad were different we're going to make it work worst special reason i love each other and then a year later we all know what happens and so doug peterson kinda gets to have that moment on the sideline we're about you guys you gotta worry about becoming sluggish maybe really be on your toes to this hour refi we are professional football players i guess is going to happen to us first at thirty gare maybe doug was on to something but they were able to remedy that carson once that seminal moment of the game that least asked about where it really highlights the thing that makes carson went special and he's a guy that seems to be breaking through that dividing line of good in great of what were willing to call a great need difference maker a quarterback a guy who i said last night and you started to watch it happen through the course of the game but as the redskins started to throw blitz astra blitz i x i tweeted it's that simple i feel like i can take credit for some part of this package this morning and i said i can see the section of my stats an info packet building for carson once against the blitz and sure enough i open up this morning when speech the blitz so i don't want to say i did stats and impose job forum this morning but pat pat that's me on the back and to give them their credit for the work that they do carson once had two touchdowns against the blitz last night was much more comfortable against the added past marches the game went on he has seven touchdowns against the blitz the season thai would two shawn watson for most in the nfl and more than he had all of last season with five so that's kind of adjust but that's part of what made us also impressed with the sean watson to start disease but that's part of the adjustment you expect out.

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