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To debts good you welcome not be back from a little school probably vacation probably paul don't put people they sit on death row mad they're they're in prison anyway so they wanna do um uh life without parole which is the same thing they have assist it just it's just was some people that are going to do it it's just a little bit of a second thing to think about before you go shoot a police officer if that's what you intend to do hey but paul all you could tell them worked up this morning i like that you've got a lot of energy well they look at the front page of us some of these stories a st paul's mean really uh the the teacher had history violations of faculty student boundaries what are they gonna learn that loses academic garbling gouka just say faculty members and not supposed to mess around with students had simply it's illegal i don't disagree with you on that and listen to send between saint paul's in exeter we've had a lot of headlines over the last couple of years and it is very troubling but let me try to quickly steer this this conversation one other way quickly we always talk about the race for the white house in the cancer is the place to come if you're thinking about running we talked mostly about democrat now because we have a republican president donald trump but dot jeff flake be retiring senator from arizona is coming our way in about two weeks i'll be speaking at the new hampshire instituted politics at cnn's lemon uh he's somebody who i you know we're talking with john case it was coming up here in april jeff flake is another person no love lost between him and donald trump he's another person who you know is considering a primary challenge which right now would be a very tall order but he's considering it and a whole picks resigning at the white house in president clashing again with jeff sessions it's like a wwe ya and uh some big you know and the president's uh and it was carried live on all the cable news network this conversation with senators and members of the house about uh guncontrol ah and changing the gun laws also new story yet they want a huge dave news down in washington d c c one day back stein he's back from the slopes in all the.

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