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Kurt. So Mr. weeks. All those people Mr. heard. So we got Representative Sheila jackson-lee called slipping something to Ford's attorney, and yeah, I got a YouTube. Let's senior thing do they have the actual video. Is this a still shut? What is this? I well, I linked on Twitter. It was a Facebook somebody taken off the TV apparently. And by the way, turn the phone. So they're sitting there with a, you know, an HDTV, and then they they videotaped the thing with the phone the wrong way. I don't understand it. Okay. Well, this is just it's it's this is nothing. Hold on a second. Let me see if I got a better one. Yes. Is that Sheila jackson-lee passing something to? Well, they they missed it though. They just got to go back. Let's see. Yeah. She. I mean, it's oh, yeah. There's a it's looks like a white envelope. And he just puts it in. And he says thank you and put and then she looks around like hope nobody saw that. Does them. I need to ask her. What are you doing for one thing? What does she do there? It was interesting because the Democrats on the judiciary committee, the senators walked out, right? And there's a skeleton for what's his name. What's the what's the guy's name that lied about his Vietnam service, Blumenthal, whatever his name is. So skeletal is there and. Camera. And who else was there? It wasn't Cory Booker. It was somewhat. Oh, oh, it was my Geraldo. So she was there too. And then they're talking right? And they do their thing. And then they turn around and leave and Sheila jackson-lee walks up to the microphone, but nobody wants to hear from everybody's in the whole crowd starts walking. She's looking around going. Don't you want to hear from me? You know, I slipped him some money. And then you might want to hear about it. What is she slipped this slimy? Lawyer. Well, we can get into all that check to me. It's an envelope. It's you know, it's a small envelope. And maybe check or cash, I don't know one of the two what I mean. What would she be doing handing him anything? And just the way they're doing it. Usually when you get handed cash, you put it in your right? And if there's something all you need to see this opening up and look at it. Now, he just took it. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Here's your payoff. I guarantee this. What it is. Somebody needs to find out. You've seen it. Right. Yes. I just watched it odd. That's a payoff. It looks like it at eight. I mean, everything about it looks like a pale right in front of God. And everybody is it a drug deal. I don't know what it looks like your money. It's your money. So the developments today and some folks are just hopping man, I'm just telling you, this is a good thing. I'll explain. All right. Yeah. I'm just getting text messages for all sorts of folks, filling me tell you where your own everybody wants to tell me when I'm wrong and then ended up being right, and they go. Wow. You so right about that? Let me just tell you about the FBI thing. I've been telling you since at least yesterday that they need to go ahead and let the the dens win on this FBI thing. And the reason I tell you why is is because after yesterday morning there, and I thought the Brett cabin all went a long way in a racing. The Dow about him if they had held the vote right after the Ford lady spoke yesterday, there's no way he he wouldn't have gotten half the Republican votes. Because it was such doubt about him. The way he forcibly came back yesterday afternoon and fought back and was emotional about it and was mad, and you know, some people say, well, he got to know. I don't think you can get to force where were these people? This was just dirty pool. He he he was righteously indignant and justifiably so. And so he went a long way, but there's still this. He said she said thing, but really it's not because it's she said, and then everybody else said she said and four other people said, that's what it boils down to. But you can't get that through the thick skulls of a lot of people the American public because for some reason. It doesn't register with them unless at some of fischel FBI investigation. So the Democrats keep calling for an FBI investigation. Well, what in the world of the Republicans afraid of FBI investigation for there's nothing to be framed of it will only exonerate bread capital. And if it doesn't do you really want him on the court anyway. And if you're saying what he is. I do then something's wrong with you. If we find out the Brett capital actually, did this and has been lying about it. That's the last person we need to have on the supreme court because there are plenty of other folks who will be as conservatives Hedy is. We just got to find somebody then every flies on him. And I don't think he has any flies on him. But an FBI investigation, which is exactly what the Democrats want. And then what's gonna worst case scenario? We're going to delay a week. We're going to lay. Anyway, we were gonna delay. Or we were going to get a vote that was gonna vote him down because Jeff flake ain't there yet. Yeah. But why are we count talented Jeff flake because he's a Republican? And we gotta have his vote. That's why I don't like it any more than you. Do. I would love to be able to vote today. But I told you yesterday there's no way they vote today. And I'm talking about the full Senate. This thing had to get out of the judiciary committee, which it did on the condition from Jeff flake that they take a week for the FBI to investigate. What does the FBI going investigate? Exactly what they've investigated from the committee. And what are they gonna come to a conclusion over exactly what they've come to a conclusion with the committee that she said she was at this party? And then everybody who she said was a department says they weren't at a party. There wasn't a party. They have no idea what you're talking about. But this will come in the form of an official FBI investigation. Just like the Democrats have demanded. And then when they demanded and there it is what are they going to say. Then what I know? Well, they're to try to say, well, we need to delay this. And then the American people will know for sure what these people are up to see you and me we're in the now, we know what they're up to. But a lot of American people don't pay that close of attention. And so they're out there wondering, well what's wrong with an FBI investigation. And I'm going well at the end of the day. Really what is wrong with one because you're going to get the same result? It's just going to be packaged in an official pack is at everybody understands. And I'm talking about everybody else. Not us. We already understand what's going on. This is delay delay delay derail. That's what this is about. But. It beats the heck out of voting today. And the guy not getting the nominee or the guy not getting getting cleared Ford. So you give them a week. We take off. We just kick back. We wait for the FBI to do their thing. And what do you think they're gonna find they're gonna find exactly what we found before that? This woman has come forward with an accusation that cannot be corroborated substantiated. We we have matter of fact, it's even worse than the people who she says can corroborate the story say it didn't happen. And then this is put together in an official investigation from the Federal Bureau of investigation, just like the Democrats wanted, and then you say, okay, your investigation came back. And you're and that's where I would say your investigation came back Democrats. And guess what? Your investigation says it says she's lying now let's vote and then the cloud is taken away from his head. And some of you are thinking, well, it doesn't really matter. But it does let me tell you. Why does because if you take the cloud away from it, it takes a campaign point away from these people they will be out there fundraising on Brad Kavanagh? We put a rapist on the supreme court would if you take that issue completely away from them, which I think in FBI investigation will then they don't have that defined raise on into gin up their support. You can get all these people all ginned up in all excited about voting against the Republicans because they are horrible people because they put a rapist on the supreme court. If we have an FBI investigation that says that everybody says what he says, and this one woman says what she says you can't make that accusation stick with the American people. You just can't right now, you got a good chance of making it stick. Because it'll look like the Republicans are ramrodding this thing through even though this has been the longest we've ever waited for a supreme. Gordon nominee to be voted on. I'm just talking about perception rather than reality. There is no downside for the Republicans at this point. No downside whatsoever. He will be confirmed before the October session starts for the supreme court. And it's not gonna matter another week at this point. He's going to be confirmed. But this way he's going to be confirmed with no cloud over overs have because now we got. Yeah. Let me tell you quick story. And this I thought was a stroke of brilliance. My father when he was in congress. Had a problem with his they don't they didn't call them this. I get it was legislative whatever it was what they refer to now as chief of staff that in call them because only the president of chief of staff and other congressman call their top person that runs their office the chief of staff or whatever he was called. They had a problem with this guy because nobody in the office like them. So my father came up with a brilliant strategy because this guy was a dear friend, and it was actually somebody who had been around the politics been around his predecessor, you know, he was somebody that you that you really didn't wanna part in bad ways. So he says my father went to him. And he says, I get a sense we have a dysfunctional office. And I want you to hire a consultant to tell us what the problem is. Well, of course, the guy hires the consultants salted comes in. And says is this guy the guy who hired the consultant? And then my father's job was made easy. The guy hires the consultants, my father turns her over to him. He comes back where the results and says congressman it turns out the problem is me. And so I'm going to resign. And he said, well, I hate to see that. But you know, there you go and he took his resignation and they solve the problem. So now, we got the Democrats saying here is this is a miscarriage of Justice and the Republicans go, well, what do you think will fix it? Then NF I investigation. Okay. Well, let's do what your way. And we get an FBI investigation. The FBI investigation comes back and says guess what Brett Kavanagh's telling the truth from all accounts, we can tell now I know they're not going to reach a conclusion, but they're gonna come back with the same evidence that we've got now except now it's going to be the Democrats who asked for the evidence not Chuck Grassley, not Lindsey Graham, not Donald Trump. It's going to be their own doing they're going. They're demanding that the FBI investigate. So by gosh, we're able to the FBI investigate. And then the FBI comes back and says, here's the deal. This woman says his party took place in this action took place at this party. These other four people say who she says, whether the party say they were never at the party. And one of them says she's never even met Brett cabin. All that's our conclusion. Now, you take what you want. And so then you give it a Lindsey Graham and Lindsey Graham stands on the floor of the Senate because I told you I know Lindsay. And Lindsey's got his flaws. But he's an excellent lawyer. He knows how to present this stuff..

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