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Donavan wins news time at the tone ten thirty good evening I Mooney Kobyla if you were stuck in traffic on the west side highway this afternoon and saw heavy police presence it was due to anti ice protesters protesters first gathered at Madison square park on Fifth Avenue and twenty fifth street then they walk to the west side highway and sat down and block traffic they linked arms chanted and held up signs Rios a fear of a group called hearts and should be abolished because this policy is a racist the racialized crisis they're not letting people into this country once the police arrived many protesters agreed to move to the sidewalk those who refused were arrested and charged included blocking traffic and disorderly conduct Carol Deoria ten ten wins on the west side highway man Kansi approximately one hundred people were arrested today when Zeus time ten thirty one ram trucks traffic center now Rebecca's aerosol starting again in New Jersey and Paramus root for accident investigation heading westbound all lanes are closed and D. toward right by candor Kanak road you've got to stop traffic back towards Hackensack Avenue also seeing eastbound delays are pro Ching of the crash those are back towards run Spring Valley road construction the major Deegan south on the ram heading towards across runs causing heavy delays all lanes are blocked until five Monday morning and here's what we see on on Ireland's big three the southern state pockets of slowdowns westbound from the Meadowbrook heading towards eagle Avenue northern state heavy from us here in town road heading into queens and the L. I eat on your weight in the queen's very slow all due to a broken down truck approaching the cross island parkway taking out the right lane VQ east and you've got a stall right by Cadman plaza causing delays back towards thirty nine th and here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels as construction on the Throggs neck queens been taking out the right lane and the white stone queens but even a crash on.

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